My Pet Hooligan hops into the spotlight

My Pet Hooligan hops into the spotlight

My Pet Hooligan has been covered by IGN, a massive gaming publication with 250 million users, following its Public Early Access release. The Web3 game from AMGI Studios is now exclusively available on the Epic Games Store.

Rabbits wage war on MetaZuckBot

At its foundation, My Pet Hooligans is a free-to-play game that blends the allure of Disney-esque animation with innovative proprietary technology, evoking the worldwide popularity of Fortnite.

Colin Brady, the Chief Creative & Technology Officer of AMGI Studios and former Pixar talent, states the game centers around valiant rabbits equipped with imaginative weapons that challenge the reign of MetaZuckBot. Beyond battles, players can also immerse themselves in social arenas, from theaters to karaoke bars.

The game that’s got everyone talking

The impressive nod from IGN signals My Pet Hooligan’s notable spotlight within traditional gaming culture. As animation, gameplay, and cutting-edge tech converge, AMGI Studios has introduced a realm where bunnies are more than just adorable mascots; they’re the brave heart of an exhilarating gaming experience.

Luke Paglia, the COO of AMGI Studios, emphasizes the game prioritizes story and animation, guaranteeing captivating gameplay. Players have the freedom to choose their adventures, from clashing with ZuckBots to undertaking missions such as Coinpocalypse.

Prime gaming collaboration

The backing from industry leaders like Amazon Prime Gaming and Epic Games further underscores AMGI’s dedication to delivering a top-notch gaming experience.

My Pet Hooligan hops into the spotlight - 1

AMGI’s collaboration with Prime Gaming is set to take the gameplay up a notch. Prime Gaming members will be treated to monthly exclusive content drops over the next year. These digital goodies, spanning wearables to badges, kick off with Max’s trendy attire and the snazzy “Thumps by Kré Black Headphones”, available until October 19.

My Pet Hooligan turning into a gaming juggernaut

What began as 8,888 mischievous rabbit-themed NFTs has now the potential to turn into a gaming juggernaut. Players are invited to join a vast universe, equipping themselves with inventive weapons to take on fellow players and the formidable MetaZuckBot.

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