Musical artist Grimes cashes in on NFTs, more than her music ever did

Musical artist Grimes cashes in on NFTs, more than her music ever did

While Canadian musician Grimes has been gracing our ears since 2010, she has recently admitted to making more money through a non-fungible token (NFT) sale than any other venture in her career.

The rise of “WarNymph”

In a candid exchange with Wired’s Steven Levy, the artist, whose off-stage name is Claire Boucher, unveiled her success in the crypto art world. Partnering with her brother, Mac Boucher, Grimes released a collection named “WarNymph” in 2021, comprising ten unique NFTs. The offering wasn’t just an artistic expression but a significant financial success, fetching a whopping $5.8 million in under 20 minutes.

Mac Boucher seems to be the visionary behind this endeavor. As Grimes graciously credits her brother for the NFT windfall, she notes, “He had a real vision, and we wound up doing one of the first big ones. It did actually change my life.”

Music vs. NFTs

Considering her extensive music catalog, including her breakout album “Visions” in 2012 and the critically acclaimed “Art Angels” in 2015, it’s astonishing to think that Grimes’ crypto pursuits have outstripped her music earnings. When posed with this comparison, Grimes’ response was a simple yet telling “Yeah.”

Pushing boundaries with AI-vocals

Grimes has been on a roll beyond just her NFT achievements. She introduced a new AI-powered voice tool that lets artists produce vocals mimicking her unique sound. To encourage its use, she’s offering to split the royalties 50-50 with creators using her digital voice. Interestingly, a couple of these AI-assisted tracks matched what could have been on her upcoming album, leading her to ponder her purpose and identity. Jokingly, she contemplated the idea of achieving immortality through this tech.

In the grand tapestry of Grimes’ career, from her initial musical beginnings to her partnership with Elon Musk and now her venture into crypto art, the artist remains a constant symbol of evolution and innovation.

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