Triple Launch: Token sale, influencer battle, and esports platform debut

Gaming Triple Launch: Token sale, influencer battle, and esports platform debut

On July 15,, a leading esports service provider, marked its most significant milestone with a triple launch. This grand event publicized the Moxy platform, its native token $MOXY, and a “Battle of the Influencers” tournament.

Taking esports to the next level with

The public sale offered esports enthusiasts the opportunity to acquire MOXY tokens. These digital assets are vital to the functioning of the Moxy ecosystem, facilitating on-demand esports tournaments and enabling tangible rewards for players.

The sale represented an entry point into the Moxy economy and brought together the gaming and crypto communities.

Assembling all influencers for battle!

Simultaneously, the highly anticipated “Battle of the Influencers” took place, setting the stage for top internet personalities to compete in a dynamic esports tournament. The high-stakes winner-takes-all contest was a success, with the winner receiving a substantial pool of MOXY tokens as the reward.

The showdown highlighted the unique features of Moxy’s gaming platform. While allowing spectators to witness intense competition, the event will also offer a glimpse into the real payout possibilities that epitomize the Moxy gaming experience.

Explore the gaming library and bet against other esports fans

Further punctuating the day’s events was the official unveiling of the Moxy platform. The global platform allows gamers to engage in competitive gameplay with actual payouts. Gamers will be able to challenge their peers in tournaments and earn MOXY tokens as rewards by playing their favorite games from the Moxy catalog in esports mode.

Moxy’s platform offers an unprecedented blend of entertainment, competition, and tangible value, setting the bar for future gaming experiences.

The unveiling comes shortly after Moxy’s announcement that it would be expanding its game catalog. This expansion is possible due to a recent partnership with Stainless Games, which has allowed the addition of the popular 6v6 arena shooter game, Shock Rods.

This triple launch is a testament to the revolutionary direction that is taking in bridging the world of gaming and blockchain.

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