Moonbirds embark on a Space journey: NFTs to be presented at Lunaprise Museum

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Moonbirds embark on a Space journey: NFTs to be presented at Lunaprise Museum

Art collective PROOF, famed for its Moonbirds collection, has teamed up with global art house Space Blue to send 254 distinctive Moonbird NFTs to the moon. The space voyage is an integral part of the Lunaprise Museum initiative to immortalize human history, culture, and artistic creations on the moon’s surface.

Moonbirds make their way into Lunaprise Museum

The Lunaprise Museum has reserved a privileged spot for the Moonbirds NFTs, showcasing a gallery with the works of 222 legendary artists from diverse creative sectors. Encompassed in this gallery are renowned pieces of fine art, invaluable collectibles, digital masterpieces, melodious tunes, iconic films, and pivotal moments in art history.

Etched onto unyielding nickel plates, the 254 Moonbirds wearing space helmets will be carefully preserved on Lunaprise disks, side by side with other digital masterpieces. An in-depth exploration of the Lunaprise Museum project is already available on Space Blue’s website.

The notable cosmic endeavor, slated for November 15th, promises a stellar treat for Moonbird “Space Helmet” trait owners. Fifty elite collectors have earned the privilege of attending both the launch and an opulent black-tie gala, set against the majestic backdrop of the Kennedy Space Center.

A select group among these attendees will be graced with exclusive mission jackets, intricately adorned with customized embroidered insignias. Those keen on procuring these jackets can visit PROOF’s Discord to learn more. Kevin Rose, the visionary Co-Founder & CEO of PROOF, stated:

“We’re honored for Moonbirds to be a part of this historic mission to preserve art and capture humanity,”

Preserving art on the moon

Central to the Lunaprise Museum is “The Humanity Hall of Fame.” This singular exhibit employs the medium of words and visuals, immaculately engraved on resilient nickel plates and secured through digital archives, presenting a window into our existence for upcoming generations.

The museum’s repository is scheduled to hitch a ride aboard NASA’s IM-1 Lunar Lander. Propelled by a SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket from Cape Canaveral, this mission, dated November 15th, symbolizes NASA’s monumental return to the moon after a hiatus exceeding half a century.

To withstand the harsh void of space, the museum’s digital masterpieces are meticulously inscribed onto durable nano fiche disks and pure nickel. With an almost infinite lifespan, these disks can be deciphered through the lens of a microscope.

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