MMA fighter Ciryl Gane joins MetaFight ahead of UFC 285

MMA fighter Ciryl Gane joins MetaFight ahead of UFC 285

In a recent announcement, MetaFight, the web3 game that allows players to manage a gym and train MMA fighters, has revealed that Ciryl Gane, the number one contender in the UFC heavyweight division, has joined its board.

UFC 285

The news comes ahead of Gane’s landmark super fight with Jon Jones, one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. The fight will take place in Las Vegas at UFC 285. The vacant heavyweight title will be on the line after the previous champion, Francis Ngannou, left the UFC on its own accord.


The MetaFight NFT card game features different cards, including Gym Cards, Trainer Cards, Fighter Cards, and Bonus Cards that players can customize according to their preferences, such as grappling, wrestling, or striking. The game will be available on both mobile and desktop devices.

Furthermore, MetaFight runs on the Immutable X layer-2, which offers improved transaction speed, lower fees, and better security. Players can earn rewards by participating in matches and leagues, with rewards ranging from NFTs to cryptocurrency or points. The game also allows players to trade cards with other players and bid on high-value cards in marketplace auctions.

Gane is excited about the collaboration

Gane’s involvement brings real-world expertise to the game as MetaFight offers a way to support young MMA athletes. In a statement, Gane explained that he joined the MetaFight board as he has “always followed closely the new technologies related to sports.” He further stated that he believes the MetaFight “remuneration model will help young athletes go further in their sport.”

The NFT cards will be used to unlock rewards from different gyms, organizations, and fighters as a form of fan membership. According to the whitepaper, “some leagues may have special rewards during a limited time: merchandising, sponsor’s products,[and] invite to events.” Therefore, similarly to how musicians are using NFTs to help grow their fanbase, MMA athletes and organizations now have a way to build a decentralized following that is not tied to any centralized platform.

Julia Mahé-Emsallem, the CEO of MetaFight, commented that Gane will “allow us to be closest to understanding the challenges of great champions and help us make the game as true to life as possible.” This is a significant development for MetaFight, as Gane is known for his skills and expertise in the field.

The alpha release of MetaFight is available now via the dApp. Players can explore the game’s features and start managing their gym and training their fighters. The game is expected to be a hit among MMA fans and gamers alike.

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