Milady NFTs surge to new highs; Overtakes Mutant Ape collection

Milady NFTs surge to new highs; Overtakes Mutant Ape collection

The Milady Maker NFT collection has hit an all-time high floor price of 4.468 ETH, surpassing its previous high of 4.44 ETH. This occurred while other NFT collections, such as Mutant Ape (MAYC) and Bored Ape (BAYC), face valuation challenges.

Taking the lead

Milady Maker NFTs have achieved their new milestone just days after hitting their previous record. Milady’s rise is even more impressive because it has officially surpassed the highly regarded MAYC, which has dipped to 4.405 ETH from a high of 17.5 ETH earlier this year.

Milady NFTs surge to new highs; Overtakes Mutant Ape collection - 1
Source: NFTPriceFloor

Minted on the Ethereum blockchain in August 2021, the Milady collection is inspired by the vibrant street fashion trends of 2000s Tokyo and comprises 10,000 uniquely crafted profile picture (PFP) NFTs.

Crypto influencers like Su Zhu and Ansem (@blknoiz06) have contributed to Milady’s reputation by using these NFTs as their digital insignias. Even Elon Musk supported the collection in May, posting a meme on Twitter that sent valuations flying.

Adding to the success, the collection also won the Binance NFT Project of the Year award.

Showing the Apes how it’s done

In stark contrast, the Bored and Mutant Ape collections are continuously declining. Their floor price has fallen from a remarkable high of 128 ETH in May 2022 to just 23.59 ETH.

The iconic BAYC #8585 represents this decline perfectly. Once celebrated as the priciest ‘Trippy’ BAYC at 777 ETH in October 2022, it has recently exchanged hands at a reduced price of 153 ETH. Although the NFT remains one of the five priciest Bored Apes on OpenSea, the latest transaction underscores the volatile nature of the NFT marketplace.

Adding insult to injury is the lawsuit being filed by BAYC investors, accusing several celebrities and Sotheby’s auction house of artificially inflating prices.

Can Milady remain on top?

Influencers and meme culture have played key roles in shaping the popularity of certain NFT collections like Milady, but it remains to be seen how long their dominance will last. The dynamic nature of the NFT market is sure to continue generating surprises and challenges for collectors, artists, and investors alike.

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