Milady Maker crowned Binance NFT Project of the Year

Milady Maker crowned Binance NFT Project of the Year

In a grand celebration of its sixth anniversary, Binance unveiled the winners of its Annual Binance Awards on July 14th. Among the recipients of these prestigious accolades, the standout was Milady Maker, winning the title of “Binance NFT Project of the Year.”

Milady Maker comes out victorious

Milady Maker, a groundbreaking and distinctive collection of 10,000 generative profile picture (PFP) NFTs hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, took home the coveted award.

The Milady NFTs, which caught the attention of Elon Musk back in May, exhibit a captivating neochibi aesthetic drawn from various street-style tribes and have distinguished themselves for their artistic brilliance.

This acknowledgment of Milady Maker as the leading NFT project of the year underscores the mounting significance of these digital assets within the blockchain ecosystem. NFTs have sparked a revolution in the art industry, facilitating artists to tokenize and monetize their artworks in a way previously unimagined.

The triumphant emergence of Milady Maker perfectly epitomizes the project’s innovative approach. Furthermore, it underlines its capacity to strike a chord with collectors and enthusiasts in a space known for its volatility and rapid evolution.

Awarding the best crypto influencers and memes of the year

Beyond this, the Annual Binance Awards commemorated individuals whose contributions have made a significant impact in the cryptocurrency arena.

Honors included the Crypto Personality of the Year, won by Turkish outlet Coin Mühendisi, and the Educator of the Year, won by influencer @Abrahamchase09.

As a vital part of internet culture, memes were also celebrated. The Meme Account of the Year was awarded to @inversebrah. Such recognition demonstrates the vibrancy and diversity of the crypto space, which continues to burgeon and thrive.

The Annual Binance Awards remain a shining symbol of acknowledgment, highlighting pioneering projects and individuals pushing the envelope within the NFT sphere.

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