Microsoft’s ambitious Xbox vision: From new hardware to crypto integration

Microsoft’s ambitious Xbox vision: From new hardware to crypto integration

Recently, leaked documents have uncovered Microsoft’s expansive plans for the upcoming Xbox Series S Refresh. Set for a potential 2024 launch, it was revealed that Microsoft plans to integrate a crypto wallet into the new console.

Court documents leaked

The details about the new console line emerged when a user on the gaming forum Resetera revealed a deposition shared by the court of Northern California contained loaded attachments of Microsoft’s vision.

New line of Xbox consoles revealed

For those awaiting the mid-generation refresh, names such as “Brooklin,” “Ellewood,” and “Sebile” will soon be familiar. “Brooklin” refers to the next iteration of the Xbox Series X, an all-digital version with 2TB storage and a $499 price tag. Simultaneously, “Ellewood” points towards a tweaked Xbox Series S.

Microsoft's ambitious Xbox vision: From new hardware to crypto integration - 1

Meanwhile, the “Sebile” codename was attached to an innovative Xbox controller boasting a tilt sensor, quiet buttons, and mobile app connectivity. All of these are potentially rolling out in fall 2024.

It was also disclosed that the next-gen Xbox would leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning, focusing on cutting-edge game graphics, frame rate boosts, enhanced game testing, and even automated character dialogue generation.

Crypto wallet integration

Besides standard gaming features, Microsoft seems to be eyeing the crypto market. While details are scarce, the inclusion of a crypto wallet within new consoles is part of the leaked plans.

However, these plans come with a cautionary note. Considering these documents date back to May 2022, Microsoft’s trajectory could have since deviated.

Microsoft has yet to confirm or deny the leaked plans. Given how volatile the world of gaming technology can be, only time will validate the feasibility of Microsoft’s grand vision.

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