Microsoft speculated converting Edge into NFT and crypto wallet 

Microsoft speculated converting Edge into NFT and crypto wallet 

Microsoft Edge might fancy its users with a crypto and NFT wallet in the coming days. Screenshots making rounds on Twitter show a possible leak of the undergoing development, as displayed by Albacore.

Possible crypto and NFT wallet sponsored by Microsoft 

Albacore, a renowned analyst, historian, documenter, and revealer of features and apps created by Microsoft and Windows before they were unveiled, hinted at the creation of the Microsoft Edge crypto wallet. The screenshots shared by Albacore on his Twitter account indicate that Microsoft is allegedly creating a crypto and NFT wallet based on its Edge browser. 

Microsoft Edge came into the market as a substitute for Google Chrome, but now the company wants to amplify its browser into another spectrum, an aspect destined to raise eyebrows. The screenshots indicate that the new venture is set to ensure proper integration of security attributes to shield the user from suspicious apps or addresses. “It brings abridged experiences to ensure Web3 is user friendly,” shows the screenshots. 

Outlook into Microsoft Edge crypto wallet

The main idea is to provide users with a “non-custodial wallet” where third parties are left out of storing private keys and passwords. According to Microsoft, the new project is a “raid into digital assets and crypto” to bring an effortless interaction into the industry. 

Microsoft speculated converting Edge into NFT and crypto wallet  - 1

How to secure your password. Source: Albacore tweet

The screenshots show a walkthrough on how users can set secure passwords to the crypto wallet and ways of sending and receiving crypto. However, there is no display of any cryptocurrencies to be supported. Some exchanges, such as Moon Pay and Coinbase, are portrayed as routes for buying and deposing coins. In addition, coins such as Dai Stablecoin and Ethereum are seen in the screenshots. 

Microsoft speculated converting Edge into NFT and crypto wallet  - 2

New wallet. Source: Albacore tweet 

Microsoft is not providing chances for testing since the screenshots have not captured any crypto or NFT available for trials. Additionally, there is no guarantee for reimbursing any lost asset or funds. In this case, users should use the Edge wallet at their own risk. 

Amusingly, a disclaimer shows that “the project is confidential,” prohibiting any disclosure of details to external parties.

Expectations in the crypto market 

The Microsoft Edge crypto wallet can display the current balance for funds and digital assets, transaction history, watchlist, linked apps, and a tab devoted to walking around NFT, Web3, and the crypto environment. 

Microsoft speculated converting Edge into NFT and crypto wallet  - 3

Wallet specifications. Source: Albacore tweet 

Microsoft is yet to make the news public. Therefore, it is good to take this report cautiously as Microsoft develops numerous ideas whereby others might not materialize. 

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