Crocodile goes Digital: Meet Lacoste’s virtual boutique and NFT loyalty program

Crocodile goes Digital: Meet Lacoste’s virtual boutique and NFT loyalty program

Lacoste is setting the pace this summer by unveiling a unique online shopping venture. The French fashion powerhouse has partnered with Emperia, a leading retail technology firm, to open a novel virtual store. This cutting-edge online boutique isn’t just a regular e-commerce platform; it’s an immersive shopping journey that comes with a sizzling twist for Lacoste’s UNDW3 NFT pass holders.

UNDW3: The currency of loyalty

Short for “underwater”, UNDW3 is Lacoste’s proprietary NFT-based loyalty program. Upon entering the digital store via the crocodile’s mouth, visitors are swept into a meticulously crafted boutique, where they can browse through Lacoste’s summer collection.

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The virtual store is more than just an aesthetically pleasing e-commerce platform. It hosts a crocodile-themed scavenger hunt game, blending shopping with gaming for a wholesome digital retail experience.

The VIP experience: more than shopping

The e-commerce adventure gets even more immersive for holders of Lacoste’s UNDW3 tokens on Ethereum. They gain access to an exclusive underwater VIP space. Besides a seamless login experience via email or digital wallet, the VIP area features an exclusive UNDW3 apparel collection. The collection is not just a fashion statement but also a community-driven endeavor, co-created with Lacoste’s UNDW3 members back in March.

Each item purchased from the UNDW3 collection isn’t just a physical garment but also its digital twin, embodied as an NFT. Furthermore, an augmented reality feature accompanies each piece, activated by scanning a QR code. The VIP space also houses an exclusive, enhanced level of the scavenger hunt game, with weekly prizes up for grabs.

Emperia: the force behind the tech

This innovative venture reflects Lacoste’s advanced outlook on e-commerce and customer loyalty. Emperia, the tech firm responsible for bringing the concept to life, has a long-standing relationship with Lacoste, collaborating on several path-breaking projects. One such project, a shoppable activation launched in December 2022, went on to win a Webby Award in May.

Emperia’s expertise in creating immersive virtual experiences has benefitted a variety of brands, including L’Occitane, Bloomingdale’s, Burberry, Christie’s, and Dior.

UNDW3: Rewriting the rules of retail

Lacoste has consistently been ahead of the curve in its engagement with web3 and NFT-related endeavours. Back in February, Lacoste had already made moves into the metaverse, with a trademark application for “CHAMPS-ELYSEES”. Soon after, the brand introduced its UNDW3 Card, empowering its holders and granting them access to both on-chain and off-chain activities. And now, the virtual store.

Lacoste’s digital storefront is evolving, and by doing so, shows us a glimpse of what the future holds for retail – fashion, technology and customer engagement seamlessly intertwined. It means a significant shift in how customer loyalty is handled and elevates it to a whole new dynamic and immersive state, way past points on a card. Exciting both for fashion and tech fans, the latest crocodile space is one to watch for.

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