MechPal NFTs: A badge of honor for early supporters of Web3 game “Age of Dino”

MechPal NFTs: A badge of honor for early supporters of Web3 game “Age of Dino”

MechPal is a free NFT collection designed as a heartfelt acknowledgment to the early believers of the Age of Dino gaming project. Each MechPal NFT will give holders exclusive access to airdrops and the Age of Dino beta version.

Mech NFTs utility

Possibly taking advantage of the recent release of “Armored Core 6”, Age of Dino is launching the MechPal collection. The NFTs will provide utility to its holders, granting them access to the coveted Dino NFTs and upcoming $DAM token airdrops, the native token of the game’s ecosystem.

Although not specified, the Age of Dino team also promised that the MechPals would provide several in-game perks. The most enticing feature is that holders will have the privilege of being the first to beta test Age of Dino.

An intriguing detail for the game’s fans: Every Commander who already owns a Dinolist can unlock a MechPal on a straightforward 1:1 basis.

Protecting NFT drop from bots and bad actors

To avoid bot activity and bad actors accumulating MechPals, the team has restricted the trading of the Mech NFTs:

“To safeguard our committed community members and ensure a fair and rewarding gaming ecosystem, the trading or transferring of MechPal NFTs will be initially restricted. This not only preserves the exclusivity of MechPal but also enhances its intrinsic value.”

Age of Dino teams up with opBNB

Age of Dino recently announced its integration with opBNB in a blog post. The collaboration aims to utilize opBNB’s cutting-edge Layer-2 solution on the BNB Chain, ensuring swift transaction speeds and fluid gameplay.

Age of Dino’s developers, seasoned in creating gaming hits, stress the importance of responsive interactions and minimal latency:

“Any significant lag between player input and in-game response can severely compromise immersion and enjoyment,”

Dino Sky

Beyond the partnership, Age of Dino also announced a new game to be released before the main game. Called “Dino Ski”, the new title is a community-driven game that merges the prehistoric era with modernity. Players will have to navigate icy terrains, dodging obstacles and prehistoric creatures as either miniature dinosaurs or advanced MechPals.

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Dino Sky (Source)

Getting a Dino NFT before launch

Age of Dino has laid out several avenues for gamers to acquire the Dino NFTs. Two straightforward methods are participating in weekly Twitter (X) events or partnered campaigns. Additionally, players can enjoy the upcoming mini-games for a chance to win a Dino.

In anticipation of the full release of Age of Dino, the team has assured its community that new features and utilities will be gradually unlocked, amplifying the gameplay and overall experience. The game’s impending launch promises a journey through time and pixels, catering to both casual gamers and die-hard web3 gaming fans.

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