Mason Rothschild created a limited edition “Gold Standard” Ledger wallet

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Mason Rothschild created a limited edition “Gold Standard” Ledger wallet

Gasoline, the renowned studio of contemporary artist Mason Rothschild, has collaborated with Ledger to create a limited edition of 13 “Gold Standard” crypto wallets. The wallets will be unveiled at the Gasoline x Cheeks party on March 22 during NFT LA.

Storing crypto assets on a golden wallet

The project redefines cryptocurrency security and wealth perception by combining Rothschild’s artistic perspective with Ledger’s security expertise.

In addition to the limited edition, Rothschild’s open edition “This Artwork is Subject to Burn” challenges collectors to reconcile their desire for wealth and rarity. A party was held to commemorate the release and unveil the first “Golden Standard” Ledger Nanos.

The wallets feature an opulent gold design that represents their indisputable position as the pinnacle of secure cryptocurrency storage. Each wallet takes a different play on the gold theme, such as white gold and rose gold.

Mason Rothschild shared his thoughts on the project, stating:

“We aimed to create something bold and attention-grabbing that embodies the concept of the Burn, while simultaneously showcasing why Ledger is the epitome of security and dependability.”

The Gasoline x Ledger Nanos are part of the final burns of the Gasoline Open Edition. The “Gold Standard” edition challenges conventional ideas about money and banking, emphasizing the importance of cryptocurrency self-custody.

Ledger products have been dubbed the “new gold standard” for cryptocurrency storage. The collaboration with Mason Rothschild takes this standard to a new level of elegance and exclusivity.

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