Marvel and fashion brand Louboutin introduce Superhero NFTs

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Marvel and fashion brand Louboutin introduce Superhero NFTs

Veteran fashion designer Christian Louboutin and Marvel have unveiled a unique partnership. The pair released limited-edition digital collectibles this Wednesday, coinciding with the launch of a highly exclusive shoe collection.

Marvel-themed shoe collection comes with NFT gifts

Louboutin’s shoes, famed for their expensive prices, will now be accompanied by a free commemorative NFT. Those who purchase from the new “Marvel Collection” will receive a free gift in the form of the “Sea Warrior Special Edition” NFT.

The “Sea Warrior” NFT showcases a digital version of Louboutin’s 100mm high gladiator sandals. These shoes, priced at a hefty $3,495, take inspiration from Namor, an iconic Marvel villain from Atlantis.

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The collaboration will have its own launch event. Attendees will be offered a “Sea Queen” NFT as a sign of appreciation. This particular NFT boasts a hand-drawn illustration of a unique shoe that found its buyer via auction. Remarkably, the digital illustration comes signed by Christian Louboutin himself.

Powered by VeVe

VeVe, an app-based digital collectibles marketplace, powers the NFT collection. Operating on the Ethereum network, VeVe has carved its niche in licensed brands, introducing giants like Marvel, Disney, Sesame Street, and Star Wars to the NFT universe. A standout feature is the app’s 3D augmented reality mode, allowing users to interact with their digital collectibles.

Louboutin’s keen interest in digital collectibles

The foray into the world of Web3 isn’t new for Louboutin. The brand, celebrated for its signature glossy red soles, made its debut in the digital collectibles realm a year ago.

The “Loubi Show” in September 2022, set against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower during Paris Fashion Week, saw attendees receiving a POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol). Comparable to an NFT ticket stub, it was also available to those tuning into the live stream.

Louboutin’s approach leans more towards appreciating its existing loyalists rather than pursuing a new Web3 clientele.

Celebrating Disney’s 100th anniversary

Tying the collaboration into a larger celebration, this partnership also marks the centennial of Marvel’s parent company, Disney. To commemorate this, 1,500 of Louboutin’s elite clients will be graced with a limited-edition comic book. This collectible features Christian Louboutin himself reimagined as a superhero.

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