Manny Pacquiao collaborates with Japanese NFT marketing company

Manny Pacquiao collaborates with Japanese NFT marketing company

Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao has partnered with emerging NFT (non-fungible tokens) wallets NFT One and START to provide his Filipino fans with novel experiences.

Pacquiao collaborates with NFT and crypto organizations

Manny Pacquiao has stated that launching his NFT company is an excellent opportunity to introduce the Filipino people to this technology. The former senator and boxing legend has been named Honorary Chairman and Ambassador of the Japanese NFT marketing firm Systems Technologies Apps Robotics Trading (START) Inc.

On December 13, Pacquiao attended the contract signing between START Inc. and NFT One at the EDSA Shangri-La. The signing occurred after Pacquiao returned from his latest victory, an exhibition match with South Korean martial artist and Youtuber DK Yoo. The two businesses, which specialize in producing and selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs), have been generating a lot of attention in the Japanese NFT community thanks to their best-selling unique collections.

The 43-year-old Pacquiao added that NFTs and cryptos were the future of commerce and could help more Filipinos. Pacquiao has also invited his other athletes to join the NFT movement as either investors or token endorsers.

The partnership, according to Pacquiao’s longtime business manager Arnold Vegafria, shows that the ring legend is respected by Asian businesspeople abroad because of his unblemished reputation and strong credentials. Vegafria further added:

“When it comes to NFTs, Singapore, China, and Japan are the largest nations engaging in this new crypto platform, and they have full confidence in Sen. Pacquiao, who will always be a crowd-puller, a strong influencer, and a fantastic worldwide public model for their brand.”

The former eight-division world champion’s entrance into the NFT arena is like a one-two punch, according to Pacquiao’s legal advisor Atty. Brando Viernesto is also the legal consultant of START Inc., where Pacquiao serves as an honorary chairman.

NFTONE is a trading platform and middleman marketplace application where NFTs digitally representing any asset, including online-only assets like digital artworks and actual assets like real estate, among others, can be held in a digital wallet.

The boxer’s appointed as Honorary Chairman of START Inc. and Ambassador of STARTJPN 

After retiring last year, Pacquiao is still determining if he’ll fight again in a significant professional match. Kousei, the founder and CEO of STARJPN, and Yu Hua Shi, the president of NFT One, promised to support Pacquiao’s comeback if he ever made such a decision.

In exchange for Pacquiao receiving benefits as honorary chairman of START, Yu Hua Shi personally gave him 10,000 shares of NFTONE Ltd. The designation of the renowned Filipino boxer as Honorary Chairman of START Inc. and Ambassador of STARTJPN lends even more prestige to this promising alliance.

In addition to constructing schools and other educational facilities as part of its core advocacy initiatives, START Inc. wants to inspire the next generation of artists and engineers to forge their own careers and support the development of innovative new technologies in the NFT market.

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