Manifold unveils Claim Codes: NFT minting with simple text-based code

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Manifold unveils Claim Codes: NFT minting with simple text-based code

Manifold, an infrastructure protocol for NFT creators, recently introduced “Claim Codes”. This feature allows for minting access with just a text-based code, eliminating the need for cumbersome wallet addresses or allowlists.

Unpacking the claim codes experience

Manifold Studio offers a comprehensive platform tailored for Web3 creative endeavors, enabling individuals to construct their unique digital marketplaces for selling NFTs

With an emphasis on unmatched provenance and absolute control over artistic output, the company ensures artists have unparalleled flexibility when setting up contracts, minting tokens, and determining distribution avenues for their digital tokens.

In their latest announcement, the brand announced the Claim Codes system, which offers a hassle-free approach for users looking to mint or access specific content on the Claim Page app. Rather than going through multiple steps, users can:

  • Click on the “Use Claim Codes” option during their Claim Page setup;
  • Enter the unique codes they wish to deploy;
  • Hit ‘Publish’.

Once these steps are completed, the claim page gets locked. Accessing it would now require a special claim code.

Manifold Claim code example

Manifold: Let your creativity run wild

The brand encourages creators to think outside the box when distributing their claim codes. The adaptability of this feature opens up myriad possibilities for its application:

  • Think of sending out claim codes with physical merchandise;
  • Imagine the thrill of revealing a code at a real-life event;
  • For those with a significant following, a direct message to devoted collectors can make their day;
  • Or perhaps, unleash the allure of mystery with QR codes scattered across urban landscapes.

Anyone possessing an unused code can engage in minting, irrespective of the wallet address they own.

To bring the dynamism of the Claim Codes to life, Manifold joined forces with Meta Zoo Games, resulting in thousands of physical scratch-off cards bearing the promise of brand-new Metazoo PFP (Profile Picture) NFTs. This strategy was exclusively rolled out for Meta Zoo’s most dedicated collectors, highlighting the potential of Claim Codes when paired with a touch of inventiveness.

About Manifold

Manifold has always been a forerunner in championing the rights and powers of creators in the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape. The brand’s goal is to create products that empower creators, enabling them to own their work and have the tools to create new experiences for their audiences.

The introduction of Claim Codes aligns seamlessly with this vision. By integrating these advancements, they continue to craft state-of-the-art tools for both artists and developers.

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