Manga series “Captain Tsubasa” drops NFT collection

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Manga series “Captain Tsubasa” drops NFT collection

The renowned manga series “Captain Tsubasa” is getting an NFT treatment thanks to the collaboration between double and TSUBASA Co., Ltd.

Football manga turned into an NFT collection

The project, named Ball is our Friend Project, will be up for grabs starting tomorrow, March 2. Since its announcement on February 7, the project has gained worldwide attention and has been highlighted in over 1,000 media outlets, including North America, Europe, China, and South America.

The Tsubasa NFT blurs the line between the virtual and tangible realms, uniting supporters. The inaugural edition of the NFT comes with limited-edition soccer balls adorned with exclusive artwork from Yoichi Takahashi, which will be distributed to buyers and children in 12 different nations.

With 283 unforgettable moments from the manga etched onto the center ball, the Tsubasa NFT fuses iconic scenes with distinct characteristics. Moreover, the backdrop comprises 333 special moves, randomly assembled to yield one-of-a-kind NFT artwork. Shinji Kagawa, a celebrated Japanese soccer star, lends his endorsement to the venture as an ambassador.

How to gain access to the NFT drop?

The NFT will be obtainable in two phases: first, during the limited presale window between 2 AM to 4 AM PST on March 2, Allow List participants can buy the exclusive Tsubasa NFT gold edition for 0.08 ETH. Then, from March 2, at 4 AM, to March 14, at 7 PM PST, the general public can purchase the NFT at 0.1 ETH from the official website.

Since its unveiling, the Tsubasa NFT project has garnered widespread interest globally due to its remarkable synthesis of virtual and real-world components. Drawing inspiration from the popular Japanese manga “Captain Tsubasa,” the undertaking incorporates an NFT with legendary scenes from the series, as well as a one-of-a-kind physical soccer ball adorned with exclusive illustrations.

Shinji Kagawa, the celebrated Japanese soccer star, has given his seal of approval to the Tsubasa NFT initiative, serving as an ambassador for the undertaking, which bears the name “Ball is our Friend Project.” The project has been extensively covered in the media, having been featured in over 1,000 news outlets across the globe.

Football for peace

The Tsubasa NFT project is based on the “Football World Peace Declaration” quote from the manga and aims to bring fans from different parts of the world together. The limited physical soccer balls decorated with original illustrations by Yoichi Takahashi will be given to children in 12 countries and buyers.

The project has garnered significant attention since it was announced on February 7 and has been featured in various media outlets worldwide.

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