Manchester United Launches an NFT Collection on Tezos-Powered Platform

Manchester United Launches an NFT Collection on Tezos-Powered Platform

The renowned English Premier League Football club, Manchester United, has announced plans to launch an NFT collection as a gift pack. The gift pack will be issued to fans through a platform powered by Tezos. 

Manchester United In Web3

English Premier League’s Manchester United has announced plans to tap into the virtual space by launching a virtual gift pack for its fans in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens.

The gift pack forms part of the Club’s effort to educate, unite and reward its global followers through virtual and physical experiences. Tezos, one of the world’s most revolutionary and advanced blockchain networks, lies at the heart of this exciting project by Manchester United. 

Simple guides showcasing the Club’s Men’s and Women’s teams will be conveyed on Club’s official channels ahead of the NFT release. The focus will majorly educate the global football fanbase about untapped opportunities in the virtual space. The Club has more than 30 million followers on Twitter, making it one of the most followed football clubs in the English Premier League.

Benefits for United Supporters

Club supporters who claim the awarded electronic NFTs from the Tezos network will own a rare piece of Manchester United history. Manchester has plans to delve into the web3 space, producing both awarded and bought NFTs throughout the campaign.

Football fans who claim the gifted NFTs will also be allowed to join the team’s new digital space through Manchester United’s official Discord channel. Discord is a networking platform that brings groups together around their favorite themes. 

Members of the Manchester united community will also have the opportunity to interact with the Club, the team’s football stars, legends, and thousands of other inspired supporters. Fans who register their interest will be among the first to get an invite and instructions on joining United’s Discord group and, ultimately, the virtual space.

Phil Lynch, Manchester United’s CEO of Digital Products and Web3 Experiences, stated that United’s virtual space would open up the virtual space to global fans. According to the CEO, fans will collect digital items such as match programs, Club budges, and the Club’s stickers. He also mentioned the alliance between the Club and Tezos to make the first NFT collection successful:

“Much like the football traditions of old, such as collecting match programs, club badges, and sticker books, fans will soon have the additional option to collect this new type of digital memorabilia. The first digital collectible is being gifted to fans by a Tezos-powered platform, and with the support of Tezos Foundation, we will join fans on their journey into this new world, with the Club providing education and guidance along the way.”

More of Football in Web3

Manchester United is one of many football clubs interested in the virtual space. Villareal, one of the most iconic teams in the UEFA Champions League, has been in the virtual space for quite some time. The team recently renewed its contract with Color Star, an entertainment technology company with a global network focusing on web3 and blockchain technology, in October 2022.

To honor the partnership, Villareal has embedded Color Star on its official jersey, visible on the sleeves of each player on the field.

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