Manchester City’s Greenwood features NFTs on the OKX Collective Metaverse exhibition  

Manchester City’s Greenwood features NFTs on the OKX Collective Metaverse exhibition  

OKX, a web3 technology company, has partnered with Manchester City women’s player Alex Greenwood to launch an exhibition in the OKX Collective metaverse displaying three original NFT trainers.

Greenwood’s NFT trainers on OKX

In collaboration with NFT designer Nas, Greenwood developed the NFT trainers on display at the OKX exhibition. The NFTs, which focus on key traits leading to success on the football pitch and off-pitch, have been named “Adaptable, Calm & Patience and Commitment & Passion.” 

Following the launch, users can access the NFTs free through airdrop and part of the AG5 x OKX NFT collection on the OKX NFT Marketplace. Notably, the AG5 x OKX non-fungible token is a digital asset created as a collective and has no value, nor can it be treated, and its intention is not to be an investment option.

Meanwhile, users who get onto the OKX Collective metaverse will experience exclusive behind-the-scenes content on Greenwood and Nas’s creative process. Furthermore, they can get into competitions to win prizes, including match tickets and passes to team training.

Visitors will also access and revisit the metaverse DJ set performed by Jack Grealish and Oliver Heldens. In addition, they can visit the instructive metaverse experiences with defender Rúben Dias and Manchester City Captain İlkay Gündoğan. 

Enhancing fans experience

Haider Rafique, Global Chief Marketing Officer at OKX, in relation to the launch, said that the next step is to promote the experience by bringing about objects and items that users are eager to interact with and collect, as with any metaverse. 

Furthermore, Rafique said that the move is a good way of enhancing fans’ interaction with their athletes or public figures in a unique way. Hence, it is making the metaverse a breathing and living environment.

On the other hand, Greenwood mentioned that it has been great working closely with OKX on the trainer designs and is excited to see the launch of the NFTs on the OKX metaverse. Furthermore, she added that they give a sense of his approach to challenges on the pitch.

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