Fashion powerhouse Maison Margiela launches “Blockchain Bingo”

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Fashion powerhouse Maison Margiela launches “Blockchain Bingo”

Paris-based fashion giant, Maison Margiela, is venturing into the realm of Web3 with a unique spin on their iconic numbering system. Branded simply as “Numbers” on OpenSea, the initiative closely resembles what many are calling “blockchain bingo”.

Blockchain Bingo: How does it work?

The new venture challenges collectors to gather all 24 token-linked numbers, ranging from 0 to 23. Over the coming weeks, players of this multiplayer game will scramble to mint every digit, aiming to advance to the subsequent stage of the immersive experience. Maison Margiela envisions this activation as the foundational pillar for its anticipated Web3 community.

The game intricately plays with the concept of rarity. While 15,000 zeros are available, only 742 of the number 23 tokens exist, making the higher numbers the rarest. A circled number indicates which is in play, while those fully minted appear in black. The competition concludes when the first 100 users have minted all 24 numbers or based on Maison’s intervention.

For those unfamiliar with Maison Margiela’s branding, each physical piece of clothing from the house carries a tag with numbers 0 to 23. A circled number highlights the specific collection to which that item belongs.

Using soulbound tokens

Using the Polygon network, Maison Margiela has introduced some unique twists. These ERC-1155 tokens are soulbound, meaning they cannot be transferred. Moreover, a single wallet can only mint one of each number. To promote inclusivity, minting carries no gas fee and every user receives the same gas amount for transactions.

With these parameters, the brand aims to level the playing field, ensuring all participants have an equal shot at success. While strategy and persistence are key, those who are quickest off the mark will certainly have an advantage.

Maison Margiela Web3 aspirations

This innovative move aligns with Maison Margiela’s ethos, which often resonates with the decentralized spirit of Web3. Martin Margiela, the brand’s founder, was historically elusive, with the design team issuing collective statements.

The brand underwent a significant shift in 2002 when acquired by OTB Group, which collaborates with renowned names such as LVMH, Prada Group, Mercedes-Benz, and Cartier under the Aura Consortium.

Staying true to its forward-thinking reputation, Maison Margiela incorporated on-chain certificates for authenticity and traceability earlier this year. This feature is embedded within their iconic Tabi footwear, accessible through near-field communication (NFC) chips.

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