Mahjong Meta launches final version of its Web3 Game

Mahjong Meta launches final version of its Web3 Game

Mahjong Meta, a web3 project focused on the timeless game of Mahjong, has proudly announced the official release of its game on August 7th. Following a triumphant two-month Open Beta run which garnered much acclaim among mahjong aficionados, the platform promises to redefine on-chain mahjong gaming with its captivating decentralized experience.

Meet Mahjong Meta

A standout feature of Mahjong Meta allows players to not only engage in matches—be it Rankings, Tournaments, or Playgrounds with peers—but also to dispatch their virtual pets, or “Tamas.”

These Tamas, equipped with tailor-made AI strategies, facilitate automated mahjong confrontations. This innovation dramatically lowers the entry threshold for both mahjong novices and Web3 enthusiasts, thus enhancing game accessibility and pleasure.

Successful Beta testing

Over the Beta phase, Mahjong Meta saw more than 15,000 players participating in upwards of 490,000 matches. These figures testify to the game’s vast acceptance and burgeoning status within the crypto gaming universe.

By melding web3 ownership economics with cutting-edge gameplay and sleek design aesthetics, the platform has clearly struck a chord.

NFT collections are an integral part of the game

Not to be overlooked, during the Beta, Mahjong Meta rolled out 0xMahjong and 0xTama NFTs. Trading volumes for these on Opensea approached a noteworthy 500ETH, signaling an escalating enthusiasm and trust within the gaming community.

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0xMahjong #798 (Source: Opensea)

At the heart of the game’s meteoric rise is its proficient core team. Comprising stalwarts from gaming behemoths like Tencent, NetEase, and Lilith, the team’s expertise is palpable. Brice, the visionary behind Mahjong Meta, emphasized the inspiration drawn from Mahjong’s timeless charm.

Transforming a timeless classic for new audiences

With over 600 million global players, the Mahjong appeal lies in its strategic depth, mathematical elegance, and profound cultural resonance. Mahjong Meta thus champions the “Play to Own & Skill to Earn” mantra, with ambitions of sculpting a blockchain-backed Riichi Mahjong esports realm.

Astoundingly, Mahjong Meta’s unique proposition and burgeoning potential have wooed substantial investments. Leading the charge were esteemed venture capital entities Dragonfly and Folius, investing in Mahjong Meta’s promising future. Other key investors encompass Meteorite Labs, Find Satoshi Lab, Parallel Ventures, and Emoote, bringing the collective investment past the $12 million mark.

For those passionate about Mahjong, the platform beckons with a promise of redefining the mahjong meta, utilizing the Web3 ownership economy.

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