Magic Eden to release second Pokémon Card NFT sale on Oct 27

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Magic Eden to release second Pokémon Card NFT sale on Oct 27

Following a hugely successful initial collaboration with @collector_crypt, Magic Eden is gearing up for another electrifying Pokemon Card NFT sale. On October 27th at 12pm ET, enthusiasts will get another opportunity to own a piece of digitized nostalgia.

On-chain Pokémon cards on a streak

Magic Eden’s announcement promises a collection of 250 Pokemon cards, each tokenized on the blockchain. Every NFT is backed by a physical card, making them redeemable. The minting price for these NFTs is set at 5.5 SOL.

Among the standout cards that collectors will vie for include the 2016 #296 Luigi Pikachu BGS 9.5 from the Pokemon XY series. Also on the list is the vintage 1999 Pokemon Japanese Vending Masaki Promo Holo Gengar #94 with a PSA 9 Mint rating.

Fans of the Diamond & Pearl series will be delighted to spot the 2007 #19 Suicune-Holo card rated PSA 10. Rounding out the top attractions is the classic 1997 Pokemon Japanese Fossil Halo Gengar #94, boasting a PSA 10 Gem Mint grade.

Magic Eden streamlines minting process

To streamline the process for this second sale, the marketplace has taken proactive measures. The platform has earmarked access passes for specific communities for the initial minting phase, termed “phase 1 minting.”

Details on the requirements for entry to this early access phase vary across projects. The Magic Eden team is also open to suggestions from the community. They are seeking input on which other projects should be granted phase 1 access.

It’s worth noting that even after the phase 1 minting concludes, there will be a subsequent public phase. This ensures that even those outside the specially designated communities will have a shot at acquiring these coveted NFTs.

Collecting a piece of nostalgia

On-chain real-world assets (RWA) are slowly gaining traction, with Pokémon cards being one of the most successful use cases. The concept was first introduced by Courtyard in September, with a collection that saw a 10x pump in its floor price.

Shortly after Courtyard’s success, Magic Eden jumped on the bandwagon with their first Pokémon card sale. The collection caused a surge in traffic during the minting phase as investors scrambled to get their hands on two rare Charizards and other valuable cards.

For Pokemon enthusiasts and NFT collectors alike, this sale represents another chance to merge the worlds of childhood nostalgia with cutting-edge digital technology. As the date nears, the anticipation builds. Ready to catch ’em all once more?

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