Magic Eden partners with leading studios to create Web3 Games Collective (W3GC)

Magic Eden partners with leading studios to create Web3 Games Collective (W3GC)

Magic Eden, the most popular non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace on Solana, has teamed up with Yield Guild Games, Game7, and Fenix Games to form the Web3 Games Collective (W3GC), a new industry group focused on driving mass adoption of Web3 gaming.

Magic Eden supporting the growth of web3 gaming

The group will leverage its members’ collective expertise and resources to simplify the landscape and grow the ecosystem for mass adoption of Web3 gaming. W3GC was unveiled Friday at the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. 

The W3GC encompasses a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) dedicated to web3 gaming, called Game7, as well as Yield Guild Games, a decentralized guild network, and Fenix Games, a Web3 gaming publisher.

Steven Chen, a key contributor at Game7, believes that the sector’s growth will be fueled by an emphasis on attracting high-quality games and intellectual property, similar to what has happened in the PC, console, and mobile gaming industries.

According to Gabby Dizon, YGG’s co-founder, finding and playing Web3 games is still overly complex for the average user. However, by collaborating with Game7’s DAO and Fenix Games’ publisher, YGG can help overcome the challenges faced by the industry, simplify the landscape, and expand the ecosystem to promote mass adoption.

Creating a “mega-hit” that will harness gamers’ attention

The team’s objective is to mitigate risks for investors and developers while identifying and expanding a blockchain “mega-hit” that will attract new users.

Magic Eden has demonstrated a growing interest in Web3 gaming in recent months, evidenced by their appointment of former Electronic Arts executive Chris Akhavan as chief gaming officer in December and their investment in 11 Web3 gaming studios in February via Magic Eden Ventures.

The W3GC is committed to expanding the reach of Web3 gaming by prioritizing the creation and promotion of high-quality games and intellectual property, creating a user-friendly ecosystem, and collaborating to discover and expand blockchain gaming mega-hits. The collective’s goal is to make the benefits of Web3 gaming available to a larger audience.

Web3 gaming on the rise

Recently, Magic Eden launched a gaming platform, Eden Games, with the intention of helping game studios connect with gamers and share updates.

These initiatives come amidst increasing interest in Web3 gaming. Gaming giants like Square Enix and Sony are experimenting with the adopt NFTs and blockchain technology. In contrast, smaller gaming studios, like Dan Houser’s Revolving Games, are working on getting a foothold on the web3 gaming industry before the large studios have the chance.

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