Magic Eden debuts exclusive VIP feature for high-value NFT trading

Magic Eden debuts exclusive VIP feature for high-value NFT trading

Magic Eden, the prominent cross-chain NFT marketplace, has unveiled its latest innovation: a feature catering to the trade of high-value non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This bold move strengthens Magic Eden’s position in the NFT sector.

VIP feature

Announced yesterday on Twitter (X), Magic Eden confirmed the launch of the “VIP” feature on its dashboard. Crafted exclusively for crypto enthusiasts and NFT collectors, the program provides a streamlined process for buying and selling blue-chip collections.

Described as an “invite-only program”, Magic Eden’s VIP promises a white-glove, personalized, cross-chain shopping experience for top-tier collectors.

New services detailed

Three main services distinguish this feature. The first one, “Appraisal”, aids users in ascertaining the genuine value of their sought-after collectibles.

Secondly, “Procurement” streamlines the acquisition process for these esteemed digital assets, eliminating the time-consuming curatorial aspects of collecting. The third and final offering, “Discovery”, offers users a sneak peek into the world of emerging NFT artists, making it easier to snag coveted pieces before they gain wider recognition.

For those eager to join, an application process is in place. NFT collectors must submit their details and patiently await approval, which takes between three to five business days. Once approved, a brief survey ensures the platform customizes the experience to individual preferences.

Magic Eden’s success

Established in 2021, Magic Eden started as an exclusive platform for the Solana ecosystem. Over time, the marketplace began diversifying, allowing its users to mint, list, and trade NFTs from the Ethereum, Polygon, and Bitcoin networks.

By July 2022, Magic Eden had amassed $130 million in Series B funding, reaching a valuation of $1.6 billion. Beyond its primary marketplace, the company also runs Magic Eden Games, offering NFT gaming experiences complete with trailers and tournament features.

More recently, Magic Eden introduced an open version of its platform, “Open Editions”, and integrated Solana’s compressed NFTs (cNFTs).

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