Magic Eden debuts BRC-20 integration on its NFT Platform

Magic Eden debuts BRC-20 integration on its NFT Platform

The Bitcoin economy is experiencing a surge as the adoption of the BRC-20 standard by numerous Web3 platforms escalates. Magic Eden, a highly-regarded NFT platform, has now publicized its integration of the BRC-20 standard into its open-source secondary platform and creator launchpad.

Magic Eden embraces BRC-20

This new addition of BRC-20 support means users can now directly collect BRC-20 projects from the Magic Eden platform. Moreover, creators have a novel opportunity to introduce their BRC-20 drops, permitting users to mint these tokens right on the platform.

Dedicated to its creators, Magic Eden provides substantial support to those launching BRC-20 collections on its launchpad. The support includes a go-to-market strategy, marketing aid, and an improved user interface.

A seamless integration for a better user experience

Zhuoxun Yin, Magic Eden’s Co-Founder and COO, explained the driving force behind the move. He mentioned how the team at Magic Eden had noticed the disjointed and complex nature of user interaction with Bitcoin ordinals and BRC-20.

The decision to integrate BRC-20 into their platform is a strategic move to unify these technologies, thereby enhancing user experience. Yin sees this as the first stride in their ambition to establish Magic Eden as the go-to NFT platform within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

As Bitcoin ordinals and the BRC-20 ecosystem gain momentum, an evident challenge has been the absence of efficient tools for users to gather these assets. Magic Eden’s standard Bitcoin launchpad, launched in April 2023, has already drawn positive responses from the market.

With the inclusion of BRC-20, Magic Eden reinforces its standing as a top destination for users engaged in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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