Mad Lads collection flips BAYC few days after launch

Mad Lads collection flips BAYC few days after launch

Recent reports indicate that Mad Lads, a Solana-based NFT collection, just flipped Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) on the sales volume parameter.

Mad Lads flips BAYC

Stats from position Mad Lads as the top seller in the last 24 hours, followed by the BAYC NFT collection. Based on the data, Mad Lads recorded massive sales amounting to $2.18M in the past 24 hours. 

Furthermore, the reports indicate that the BAYC collection barely crossed the $1.5M mark for sales in the same 24-hour duration.

Mad Lads collection flips BAYC few days after launch - 1

Collection rankings data | Source: Cryptoslam

A few hours earlier, a crypto enthusiast posted a tweet highlighting the flip between Mad Lads and BAYC collections. In the tweet, Mad Lads had sales volumes amounting to $2.198M, while BAYC recorded sales volumes of about $1.984M. At the time, the difference between Mad Lads and BAYC was about $200K.

When writing this report, the gap had grown between the two collections, with the difference between them at over $500K. The two projects are, however, reporting reductions compared to the previous 24-hour period. The sales volumes for Mad Lads and BAYC dropped by about 38% each.

Mad Lads reported massive transactions at over 1.2K compared to only 16 for BAYC. Furthermore, the numbers of buyers and sellers for Mad Lads were 600 and 834, relatively higher than those of BAYC, which stood at 29 and 31, respectively.

Based on reports, the Mad Lads NFT collection has been topping the NFT market for about the past 72 hours. 

However, data from the past 7-day period indicates that BAYC collections are still leading in volumes. BAYC had over $16.5M volumes, while Mad Lads had $11.5M. 

This NFT collection was pioneered just a few days ago, sending shockwaves in the Solana NFT community. It is tied to two major Solana KOL, Tristan Yver, and Armani Ferrante. 

Solana NFTs on the rise

Following the speedy rise of Mad Lads, several other Solana NFT collections seemingly came to life. Based on data from Cryptoslam, the Solana-based oogy NFT collection had sales of about $1M and recorded a surge in sales volumes at over 11862%. This was the third-best-performing NFT collection based on the data. 

Another Solana-based NFT collection, oogy, recorded sales of $465K in the past 24 hours. This collection was number 8 in best-performing collections in the past 24 hours. Closing the top 10 best-performing collections was The Heist, also a Solana NFT collection.

Mad Lads collection flips BAYC few days after launch - 2

Top NFT blockchains data | Source: Cryptoslam

Solana’s blockchain network still follows Ethereum as the second largest NFT hosting blockchain.

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