Logan Paul responds to accusations of promoting an NFT scam project

Logan Paul responds to accusations of promoting an NFT scam project

Logan Paul, a well-known YouTuber and celebrity boxer, has announced his intention to file a lawsuit against fellow YouTuber, Steven Findeisen, who goes by the name Coffeezilla.

In a recent 3-part series of YouTube videos, Coffeezilla accused Logan Paul of being part of a scam that defrauded investors of millions of dollars.

Steven Findeisen, also known as Coffezilla, is a well-known content creator and cyber detective who has gained a large following for exposing scams and fraudulent behaviour within the crypto industry.

The fraud in question was the CryptoZoo NFT game. According to Logan Paul, CryptoZoo is a legitimate game that allows users to earn revenue by competing with animals. The NFT game featured a variety of exotic animals that could be bought, sold, and traded using the in-game currency, “Zoo.” Players could also purchase egg NFTs that would hatch into playable animals, similar to the popular game CryptoKitties.

Responding to the accusations

In a video response on January 4, Paul vehemently denied the allegations and accused Coffeezilla of using his celebrity status for views and money. He also claimed that Coffeezilla’s investigations failed to consider the role of developer Zach Kelling, who allegedly fled to Switzerland with the game’s source code and held it hostage for $1 million.

Paul also claims that Zach Kelling has “multiple felonies” related to armed robbery and obstructing the legal process. He went as far as to display papers purporting to be official documents from the Johnson County Court in Kansas referencing Kelling’s alleged charges.

The claims about Kelling have yet to be confirmed. Paul admits that he made the error of being too trusting, stating: “I guess that’s what I get for trusting the team that I relied on to vet and manage” 

Despite these allegations, Paul maintains that CryptoZoo was not a “rug pull” NFT project and that the game is in the process of being revived. However, he did not provide a timeline for its official launch.

Overall, the situation between both parties remains tense, with Paul stating that Coffeezilla’s desire for clicks has caused him to make “very real errors with very real repercussions.”

In addition, Paul suggests that Coffeezilla’s source, Emilio, may have ulterior motives for speaking out against CryptoZoo. However, Coffeezilla has stated that Emilio was just one of many sources for his investigation and that his reporting was based on a year’s worth of research and interviews with former employees, investors, and experts in the NFT and crypto fields.

Paul’s response video does little to address the accusations made by Coffeezilla and leaves many questions unanswered. Findeisen has stated that he stands by his reporting and may consider taking legal action against Paul.

Logan Paul’s involvement in the NFT industry

This is not the first time, and probably not the last, that Logan Paul has been involved with NFTs. Just a few months ago, Paul used his social media influence to promote and brag about the value of his 0N1 Force NFT. Earlier that year, he also minted an NFT based on an extremely rare $5 million dollar Pokemon card featuring Pikachu.

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