CryptoZoo saga continues: Logan Paul allegedly promises 10% refund to victims

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CryptoZoo saga continues: Logan Paul allegedly promises 10% refund to victims

Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul is once again under scrutiny. This time, he’s allegedly offering victims of his CryptoZoo cryptocurrency project a mere 10% compensation for their losses.


Earlier this year, investigator Coffeezilla flagged Logan Paul for his involvement in blockchain-based gaming project CryptoZoo. Exposing the scam on the Joe Rogan podcast, Coffeezilla stated that CryptoZoo was the biggest scam promoted by Logan Paul.

In the aftermath, Paul pledged a personal contribution of $1.8 million to repay aggrieved investors. The promise was made back in January, but no follow-through was made by the celebrity YouTuber.

However, during a recent interview on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Hour, Logan Paul stated that the situation was close to being resolved. The celebrity YouTuber said he would rectify the situation, but no one knew he was planning a partial reimbursement for victims.

The plot thickens

Fellow YouTuber ‘Kavos’ recently shed light on the delay. According to Kavos’ tweets, the reason investors are yet to see their money is that Paul has made a “best offer” of refunding just 5–10% of the financial damages sustained. Citing “reliable sources”, Kavos lambasted the offer as an “absolute disgrace”.

Kavos further critiqued, “So when you hear Logan saying he’s trying to ‘rectify’ the situation. He’s really trying to get away with it for as little as possible.” He also highlighted previous attempts by Paul and his team to dismiss the entire case, underscoring a perceived lack of responsibility or remorse from the YouTuber.

The online community’s reaction has been largely critical of Paul. Many are baffled, with several users noting the disparity between Paul’s earnings and the potential gains from such a scam. According to estimates, the net worth of the celebrity YouTuber is a staggering $245 million.

Nevertheless, not everyone is taking the claims at face value. Some individuals are keen to scrutinize Kavos’ “reliable sources”. Others have pointed a finger at the victims themselves, contending that they are responsible for their own losses.

Logan Paul has yet to comment

As for Paul’s side of the story? The influencer has yet to address these recent accusations. However, in a statement from late September, he cited his “legal position” as the reason for his ongoing silence. Regardless, there is still hope for CryptoZoo victims, as YouTuber Jidion promised a refund in case Logan Paul loses his upcoming boxing match.

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