Logan Paul NFT buyer poised to cash in over $100k on upcoming Boxing Match

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Logan Paul NFT buyer poised to cash in over $100k on upcoming Boxing Match

Last year, famous YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul ventured into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). He created a collection called “99 Originals”, which featured 99 unique Polaroid photographs he took. One particular NFT stood out and is supposedly on the cusp of paying huge dividends for its owner.

Who am I

NFT 19/99 of the collection, named “Who Am I,” showcases a masked Logan Paul, capturing a moment on a plane departing from Geneva. This specific NFT promised its holder an intriguing incentive: “receives 1% of net revenue of Logan Paul’s next fight.”

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(Source: originals.com)

When it went up for sale, it commanded a price of 40.25ETH, equivalent to roughly $44,500 at the time. As Logan’s boxing match with mixed martial artist Dillon Danis looms in October 2023, all eyes are on this unique NFT and its holder.

Someone tracked down the owner, Adam Multz, who shed light on the expectations and potential rewards from this token. According to sources, Logan sent Adam a message confirming that the upcoming Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis bout will indeed honor the NFT’s stipulation.

Will Logan Paul stick to his word?

Logan has a largely negative reputation among the crypto community. After promoting an NFT game, CryptoZoo, that turned out to be a scam, Logan pledged to refund victims affected by the incident. However, roughly seven months after sources close to the YouTuber stated he would be issuing any refunds.

A fellow YouTuber named Jidion has promised to reimburse victims if his bet against Logan Paul for the upcoming bout comes to fruition. Ironically, Logan’s adversary, Dillon Danis, has also been caught promoting an NFT scam project.

NFT holder expected to receive more than $100k

With projections suggesting Logan Paul could rake in anywhere from $10 to $30 million from the fight, the NFT owner stands to earn an astounding $100,000 to $300,000. However, this isn’t just a straightforward windfall.

This scenario is a stark contrast in a world where many criticize NFTs as mere jpegs without real-world utility. The tangible benefits linked to “Who Am I” highlight how NFTs can be more than just digital art. Many are keen to delve into the smart contract governing this NFT and discern the legal implications of such a promise.

While the digital sphere watches with bated breath, one thing is clear: Should this NFT owner get paid, it’ll be a significant win for proponents of NFTs with actual utility.

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