Logan Paul announces he won’t be refunding CryptoZoo investors

Logan Paul announces he won’t be refunding CryptoZoo investors

YouTuber Logan Paul has retracted his initial pledge to refund investors of the failed crypto gaming venture CryptoZoo. The change of heart was revealed to Crypto Intelligence News by a source close to the influencer on Saturday.

CryptoZoo closed, no refunds for visitors

According to the anonymous source affiliated with Logan Paul and the now-defunct CryptoZoo gaming project, Paul has since retracted his initial promise of compensating investors.

This change of heart stems from Paul’s dissatisfaction with the response he received after announcing his intentions. The source cited that Paul felt he wasn’t credited enough for his proposed gesture.

Another day, another scam

It’s now been nearly six months since Paul’s initial promise to compensate the affected individuals. Late last year, crypto YouTuber Coffeezilla exposed the unfortunate debacle surrounding CryptoZoo in a detailed video.

As part of the exposé, Coffeezilla criticized Logan Paul and the project’s senior figures, revealing the losses incurred by several victims who collectively lost millions of dollars.

In the aftermath, Logan Paul made an attempt to deflect the blame onto senior advisors. However, facing backlash, he quickly switched tactics, pledging to reimburse some investors out of his pocket. Despite this promise, Paul has yet to compensate a single investor, nor has he provided further updates on the matter.

Coffeezilla once again presses Logan Paul for accountability

In a recent follow-up video, Coffeezilla disclosed that his attempts to discuss CryptoZoo with Paul have been met with radio silence. All correspondence has been directed solely to the YouTuber’s lawyers. Coffeezilla pointedly remarked:

“Paul has not paid back his victims. He hasn’t talked about it since he first announced he was going to pay them back. And what’s worst of all, he doesn’t seem to have a plan in place to refund anyone.”

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