Loco partners with Avalanche to launch NFT Marketplace for esports fans

Loco partners with Avalanche to launch NFT Marketplace for esports fans

Loco, an esports streaming platform based in India, has joined forces with Avalanche to introduce ‘Legends By Loco’, an NFT marketplace for esports enthusiasts.

Esports NFTs

The NFT marketplace strives to provide web 3.0 fan experiences that elevate user interaction with their preferred esports content creators. Furthermore, the collaboration will aid Avalanche in broadening its presence in Asian nations.

The partnership between Loco and Avalanche is geared towards introducing a novel dimension to esports fans, providing them with the ability to manage their collectibles and interact with their cherished creators. In the initial stage, Loco will design a product that integrates collectibles into the fantasy gaming encounter.

To safeguard user security, Loco will manage its individual Avalanche validators. In addition, the Avalanche Subnet will empower Loco to incorporate the features of a personalized blockchain into its application, facilitating the expansion of its customer base to hundreds of millions of users, while simultaneously maintaining low network fees and transaction latency.

As per Avalanche’s tweet, a whopping 85% of prominent gaming creators are presently available on Loco, and the platform has experienced a 900% surge in daily active users over the past year. With the introduction of Loco Legends collectibles, users can trade them with other digital assets on Avalanche.

Loco has strong roots in gaming

Loco has already established robust collaborations with Riot Games, Activision Blizzard, and Krafton. In a recent series A funding round, Loco secured a staggering $42 million, rendering it the most substantial series A round in the gaming history of India and South East Asia.

In addition, Avalanche has collaborated with BLRD, a subdivision of the Japanese gaming and digital media enterprise Gree, to unveil its inaugural Web3 game in 2023.

Through the Legends By Loco marketplace, streamers can explore fresh means of interacting with their most devoted fans, such as streaming Loco Legends games, exhibiting pack drops, and more.

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