Line unveils first five NFT games for Game Dosi platform in 2023

Line unveils first five NFT games for Game Dosi platform in 2023

Line Next, a US-based NFT-related subordinate of Line brand, disclosed to the Web3 world its procedures to deploy five games on its Game Dosi platform. The games will be operational anytime in the other half of 2023.

Line Next first five games disclosed 

According to the announcement by the NFT-centric company Line Next, the five games contain NFT-related titles. The games include Sweet Monster Guardians, Vestria the Last Order (VLO), KEROZ, Drawship Kingdom Reverse, and Project GD.

The firm affirmed that each title depicts exclusive game mechanisms. Sweet Monster Guardians, a product of  Mavisoft, will be the first to offer pre-sale. The browser-based game arose from an arrangement of inimitable characters strategically placed to form a tactical defense mechanism.

VLO enables players to engage in a shared role-playing venture. The SIS studio-developed game is set to be a PC game designed to entice enthusiasts with a Final Fantasy-elegance atmosphere.

Gamers motivated by dungeon-crawling competitions will be covered by KEROZ, a game built by Superflex. It contains a mobile and PC version. The Drawship Kingdom Reverse, a product of Nolatency Limited, enables the players to gain NFT rewards in the form of avatars, puppets, and machines.

There are scant details on the last game Project GD. However, according to the Game Dosi website, Project GD encompasses cards based on NFT  to facilitate a trading card game (TCG).

Promotion and rewards

The sanctioned inauguration of Game Dosi is scheduled on May 18, with the firm expected to give members NFT permits for gold and platinum. Early birds with NFT authorizations will enjoy benefits, including accessing the new games first.

There will be NFT rewards for Project GD based on the “Gamer First, Web3 Next doctrine.” The company has designed tasks on its community website, which gamers must complete to earn rewards before May 31. The second patch of prizes will be in the form of a lottery grounded on discord sign-ups.

The games are not the first venture of Line brand in the NFT space. IPX, the owner of Line Friends characters, partnered with Chiru Labs, the creator of Azuki, enabling the brands to pursue information and produce chances for their corresponding IP collectively.

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