LimeWire returns with crypto rewards for pirated music game

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LimeWire returns with crypto rewards for pirated music game

LimeWire, a once-popular file-sharing app, has been rebooted as an NFT marketplace and launched a simulation game offering crypto rewards, capitalizing on early 2000s nostalgia for pirated music.

A trip down memory lane with LimeWire

Austria-based entrepreneurs Paul and Julian Zehetmayr resurrected LimeWire in mid-2022 as a non-fungible tokens (NFT) marketplace. They have now created a game that simulates the original LimeWire Windows XP program, including its iconic “rolling greens” aesthetic. Players search for and download music and films from the 2000s to collect points, with the game ending when a player downloads a file containing a ‘virus.’

But hold on, players are not actually downloading music nor catching real (as real as digital viruses are) computer viruses! To participate, players must enter their email addresses, which will be used to track scores and send information about potential prize collections after the game.

The game is available until May 15, and the top 1,000 players with the highest scores will receive LimeWire’s upcoming ERC-20 token, LMWR. These tokens can later be used to purchase NFTs on the platform.

The public sale for LimeWire’s token is set for next month, already backed by GSR, Arrington Capital, and Kraken Ventures. In its prime, LimeWire was known for allowing users to download music and movies for free, but it was also infamous for spreading computer viruses.

A music-focused NFT marketplace

After purchasing the brand’s intellectual property in 2021, the Zehetmayr brothers aimed to transform LimeWire into a music-focused NFT marketplace. Unlike competitors such as OpenSea or Rarible, LimeWire plans to accommodate customers who prefer to purchase NFTs with fiat currencies.

Co-CEO Julian Zehetmayr acknowledges the appeal of decentralization but believes the market isn’t yet ready for fully decentralized platforms to be appealing and usable for mainstream users. With this nostalgic game and an innovative approach to NFT purchases, LimeWire aims to bridge the gap between the past and the future of digital content.

In the end, LimeWire’s nostalgic game proves that everything old is new again, and with a crypto-infused twist, the platform is dialing up the fun for players and NFT enthusiasts alike.

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