LG Art Lab Collaborates With Barry X Ball to exhibit NFTs and sculpture at Frieze Los Angeles 2023

LG Art Lab Collaborates With Barry X Ball to exhibit NFTs and sculpture at Frieze Los Angeles 2023

LG Electronics has announced that its subsidiary, LG Art Lab, is collaborating with the Brooklyn-based artist, Barry X Ball, to bring NFTs to users.

A hybrid of classical and modern art

The February 1 announcement stated that the artwork presentation, which will be made on February 16, comprises works of art made by prominent sculptor and digital artist Barry X Ball. The collection will be open to the public at Frieze Los Angeles 2023.

The release by the company said that the sculptures by Barry X Ball are inspired by his in-progress work on the late Catholic pontiff, Pope John Paul II. They are a hybrid of modern and classic art. The works can be previewed on-site at Frieze during the VIP session when the 24-karat gold-plated artwork will be on display with the NFTs. 

The new set of NFTs, which can be previewed at Frieze, will be featured in OLED televisions from LG. These include the company’s 97, 83, and 77-inch versions of the LG’s OLED G2, as well as the C2 Series.

In a Twitter post promoting the event, LG Art Lab said that they’re giving away 130 tickets to the 2023 Frieze event. The post, which encouraged intending participants to join the LG Art Lab Discord channel, stated that participants must be owners of NFTs from the LG Art Lab. Frieze Los Angeles is scheduled to hold on February 16 – 19, at Santa Monica Airport.

A new standard for visual arts

In his comment regarding the collaboration, Barry X Ball said:

“As a leader in the technology space, it has been a privilege to collaborate with LG on this body of work. My goal from the beginning of the project was to establish a new standard for the visual arts.” 

He further praised LG’s flagship OLED technology saying that the final NFT products exhibition would not have been possible without the flagship TVs from the company, which he said has enabled him to create fully immersive views for art lovers. 

An immersive experience for art viewers

The sculptor continued by saying that the OLED technology has helped in the creation of an immersive experience for viewers of his works. He said:

“The resultant NFTs would not be possible without LG’s flagship OLED technology, which enables me to create a fully immersive experience for art viewers, with rich, deep blacks and radiantly-intricate details,”

The digital versions of the sculptor’s work made into 39-second kinetic use the state-of-the-art LG’s OLED TV, giving them a visual quality at par with the best production level seen in Hollywood movies. A statement from LG Art Lab said that the viewer is immersed in hyper Baroque in the four variant series of metal-black steel, gold, silver, and copper.

According to the statement from LG Art Lab:

“Each of the digital sculptures morph from a raw base-metal into their respective shades with exceptional detail and color accuracy, demonstrating how LG’s OLED TV’s over 8 million self-lit pixels achieve deep blacks for crisp contrast, so you can see subtle details. that allow the metals to shimmer and glisten like never before.”

Ball and LG Art Lab started collaborating in 2022 during the Frieze held in Seoul, South Korea. The partnership is committed to using technology to showcase the arts. The NFTs are based on the Hedera blockchain.

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