Legendary: Heroes Unchained sells out 5,000 Loyalty Passes in under 3 hours

Legendary: Heroes Unchained sells out 5,000 Loyalty Passes in under 3 hours

N3twork Studios’ newly released blockchain game, Legendary: Heroes Unchained (LHU), has sold out all 5,000 of its Loyalty Passes in under three hours. The Loyalty Pass provides access to the first non-fungible tokens (NFTs) available for the game and will give holders special privileges throughout the year.

Heroes Unchained making a splash

LHU is a hero-based collectible RPG card game that has been designed specifically for the blockchain. Players use their collection of hero cards to explore the in-game world, engage in player-vs-player combat, join guild-vs-guild events, and earn on-chain assets.

The first mint for in-game hero NFTs, which will allow players to buy playable assets for early access to the game, is scheduled for April. Early-access gameplay, which will include the first iteration of the LHU game in the form of a Roguelike Dungeon Crawler, will follow a week after the end of the NFT sale.

Holding the Loyalty Pass will give players ongoing benefits as the project scales up, including gifts of in-game currencies for each early access build release and periodic gifting in between, access to a private Discord channel for direct communication with developers, and more.

“The Loyalty Pass has been a fantastic way of rewarding our growing LHU community and allowing them to fully participate in our journey through 2023 and beyond. Partnering with Magic Eden has helped us reach a wider audience, and engage with valuable partners willing to evangelize about our project. Having a Free to Own mint significantly lowers the barrier to entry for our users and is the first step in bringing our game to what we hope will be a genuine mass market,” said Nathaniel Corbett, Head of Marketing at N3twork Studios.

Collaborating with Magic Eden to expand web3 gaming

In partnership with NFT marketplace Magic Eden, LHU’s developers ran a large-scale partnership program to whitelist the most engaged and vibrant communities in web3 gaming. The Loyalty Pass launch was part of Magic Eden’s ‘Mint Madness’ giveaway, featuring over 12 free mints in March and a prize pool of 20,000 MATIC for the top 10 traders of its Polygon mints.

Reflecting the increasing excitement around the Legendary: Heroes Unchained project, the successful allocation of the Loyalty Passes positions the developers and their community to actively participate in the game’s growth throughout 2023 and beyond.

“We’re putting the community at the very core of our plans for LHU. Our Free-To-Mint Loyalty Pass represents the first NFT that prospective players can own. It’s designed to reward the early members of our burgeoning community by guaranteeing them a spot at each stage of our journey in 2023. We truly believe that LHU will only be great if it grows in genuine collaboration with our superfans – and our loyalty pass is the first expression of that relationship,” said Julius Hong, Executive Producer at N3work Studios.

N3twork Studios

N3twork Studios is a newly formed gaming studio whose mission is to create incredible experiences in, on, and around the blockchain. Made up of seasoned game developers from EA, Kabam, Zynga, Glu, Disney, and more, the studio is rethinking how games are built, operated, marketed, and financed in the wake of breakthrough web3 technology. N3twork Studios is working on a diverse portfolio of multiplatform titles, including Legendary Heroes Unchained and Triumph.

The successful sellout of the Loyalty Passes is a significant milestone for N3twork Studios and its growing community of gamers. It demonstrates the growing demand for blockchain-based games and the potential of the

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