Ledger’s new gamified Crypto Education season debuts in The Sandbox metaverse

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Ledger’s new gamified Crypto Education season debuts in The Sandbox metaverse

Ledger is revamping its educational offerings in the metaverse with a new season of gamified learning. The Paris-based company has raised $450 million and is set to launch the second season of “School of Block” in The Sandbox.

Ledger introduces School of Block

The School of Block venture demystifies cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchain. It’s part of Ledger’s mission to integrate crypto knowledge into financial literacy. As a pillar of Ledger Academy, School of Block is the second-largest global crypto education platform.

The LedgerVerse, central to this initiative, is an inclusive metaverse world. It focuses on community, learning, and digital sovereignty. The first season was a hit, reaching 300,000 players and ranking as the No. 1 branded experience on The Sandbox platform.

Education in a futuristic setting

School of Block’s first episode introduced crypto basics in a futuristic school setting. Participants defended against virtual hackers and scammers. Rewards included a limited-edition Ledgerverse armor NFT.

Ledger’s partnerships have been pivotal. Collaborating with Samsung, ApeCoin, and others, they issued over 19,000 certifications. This solidified its position as a trusted source for crypto education.

The upcoming episode, Into the Factory, delves into Ledger’s history and wallet creation. Set in a voxelized factory, it offers educational quests and collaborations with partners like Deadfellaz and Claynation.

Leading hardware wallet manufacturer

Since 2014, Ledger has sold over 6 million devices worldwide. They secure 20% of global crypto assets. Their product lineup includes hardware wallets, the Ledger Live app, and Ledger Enterprise.

Ledger’s commitment to education and innovation is evident. With a $1.4 billion valuation, the company has offices worldwide. This new season of School of Block is a testament to their dedication to empowering individuals in the digital asset realm.

This initiative aims to simplify crypto and highlight its broader utility. It has made the crypto world more accessible, contributing to Ledger’s significant growth.

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