Ledger Taps iPod to Launch a Hardware NFT Wallet

Ledger Taps iPod to Launch a Hardware NFT Wallet

Ledger, a company specializing in digital asset security, has announced the launch of a new device dubbed the Ledger Stax. The device has a curved E-Ink display that shows users’ NFTs even when the device is off. Ledger partnered with iPod designer Tony Fadell on the release.

Ledger Brings in a Hardware NFT Wallet 

In recent weeks, crypto hardware wallets have gained popularity. This is due to consumers’ desire to self-custody their digital assets following industry-altering events such as the collapse of FTX. Ian Rogers, the chief experience officer of Ledger, reported that the company had its best sales day ever. The failure of the industry’s finest companies indicates a desire for hardware cryptocurrency wallets.

Ledger Stax is the newest addition to previous hardware devices such as Nano S Plus and Nano X. With the Stax, Ledger aimed to create a more fashionable and practical gadget than the Nano S. According to Pascal Gauthier, CEO and chairman of Ledger, the iPod-like wallet will get more widespread adoption than the USB drive.

Each Ledger Stax includes an Infinity Pass, which grants users a free NFT with potential utility. Moreover, a Ledger Stax NFT can be mined on Ledger Market to gain access to exclusive NFT artwork from the company’s network of hand-selected artists. Ledger Market Genesis Pass holders have priority access to this artwork.

What’s New about the Hardware Wallet?

The new crypto wallet, the size of a credit card, can manage NFT collections, over 500 coins, and digital assets. The new wallet’s interface is far more user-friendly than earlier versions of the Ledger wallet.

The business aims to debut Ledger Stax in the first quarter of 2023. However,  it is already available for pre-order on Ledger’s official website. In the coming months, Best Buy will also be able to offer it in the United States. In addition, Ledger Stax links to laptops through USB-C and to smartphones via Bluetooth and the Ledger Live Mobile software.

Ledger Connect, the company’s new crypto wallet add-on, will let it connect to Web3 applications. Ledger Stax can also wirelessly charge with Qi. The E Ink display resembles a Kindle and can display NFTs even when the gadget is off. According to Ledger, the battery can last for weeks or months on a single charge. The first 10,000 goods sold will include a free, redeemable NFT.

The wallet is a credit card-sized gadget with inbuilt magnets, allowing for easy stacking of numerous devices. The exterior is a wraparound e-ink display that displays transaction data and NFTs. The selling price of the Ledger Stax will be $279, compared to $79 for the Nano S Plus and $149 for the Nano X.

Ledger Stax Specifications

  • Dimensions: 85mm × 54mm × 6mm (credit card length and width)
  • Ledger is EAL 5+ certified for its security element
  • Screen type: E Ink (up to 16 grayscales) with a customizable always-on lock screen and capacitive touch
  • The display resolution is 672 400 pixels.
  • Weight: 45g
  • USB C and Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity 
  • Magnet array for convenient stacking 
  • Qi wireless charging
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