Q2 2023 investment guide: Top 10 affordable NFTs under $1

Q2 2023 investment guide: Top 10 affordable NFTs under $1

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have emerged as a groundbreaking way for artists, content creators, and investors to stake their claim in the virtual world. These one-of-a-kind tokens, underpinned by blockchain technology, represent an eclectic mix of digital assets, including artwork, music, virtual real estate, and in-game items. As the NFT market flourishes, affordable NFTs are carving out their niche, providing a gateway for a broader audience to join the digital asset revolution.

Affordable NFTs, priced at less than $1, democratize access to the burgeoning market by enabling seasoned collectors and newcomers alike to expand their portfolios without stretching their budgets. This inclusivity allows a diverse range of individuals to participate in the ever-growing digital economy and reap the benefits of their investments.

The appeal of these low-cost NFTs extends beyond their affordability. They often represent promising projects, gaming platforms, or other digital ventures on the cusp of realizing their full potential. Buyers acquire a unique digital asset by investing in these tokens and supporting the development and expansion of the associated project. Let us delve into the top 10 NFTs under $1, spotlighting their distinctive attributes, utility, and growth prospects. 

Top 10 NFTs under $1

  1. Parallel Alpha
Q2 2023 investment guide: Top 10 affordable NFTs under $1 - 1

As you delve into the world of affordable NFTs, one collection that stands out is Parallel Alpha. With a floor price of just $0.751847 and a market cap of $939.81, this NFT collection offers an intriguing opportunity for investors and collectors alike. Parallel Alpha is more than a simple digital collectible – it represents a new realm of sci-fi entertainment.

Parallel Alpha is an innovative sci-fi collectible card game with its unique NFTs as the foundation. These digital assets are visually striking and form the basis for an engaging and competitive gaming experience. Incorporating NFT technology into its core mechanics, Parallel Alpha elevates the traditional card game format.

For those interested in acquiring Parallel Alpha NFTs, the OpenSea and LooksRare marketplaces are the go-to destinations. These platforms offer a seamless and secure experience for buying, selling, or trading these coveted digital assets.

Currently, the Parallel Alpha collection consists of 1,250 unique NFTs held by an impressive 58,230 individual owners. This demonstrates the widespread appeal and strong community backing the project.

In terms of recent trading performance, Parallel Alpha has been generating significant interest. Over the past week, the collection has seen a trading volume of $105k and 267 NFTs sold. During this period, the average price was $394, indicating solid demand for these fascinating digital assets.

Overall, Parallel Alpha offers a compelling blend of captivating sci-fi visuals, engaging gameplay, and a passionate community of collectors. While it’s always crucial to do your due diligence before investing in any digital asset, the potential of Parallel Alpha in the NFT space is undeniable.

  1. Town Star
Q2 2023 investment guide: Top 10 affordable NFTs under $1 - 2

In the realm of affordable NFTs, Town Star has emerged as a captivating and innovative collection, with a floor price of just $0.527397. Town Star offers an exciting investment opportunity for gaming and digital art enthusiasts. The creative force behind this project is a blend of experienced and talented professionals who have previously worked on successful gaming titles like FarmVille and Words With Friends.

Town Star is the brainchild of one of the founders of Zynga, a company synonymous with popular social games. This NFT collection takes the gaming experience to a new level by utilizing the power of blockchain technology. In doing so, Town Star offers a more immersive and rewarding experience for both creators and players.

For those looking to buy, sell, or trade Town Star NFTs, OpenSea and LooksRare are the recommended platforms. These marketplaces provide a secure and streamlined experience for acquiring these digital assets, which represent the future of gaming.

The Town Star collection consists of 434 unique NFTs held by 40,256 owners. This demonstrates a strong community interest and support for the project, which is vital for its continued growth and success.

Over the past week, the trading volume for Town Star has reached $74.8k, with 401 NFTs sold. The average price during this period has been $187, indicating a steady demand for these innovative gaming assets.

Town Star offers an enticing combination of cutting-edge gaming technology and a dedicated community of collectors. As always, thorough research and due diligence are crucial before investing in any digital asset. However, the potential of Town Star in the NFT and gaming space is worth considering.

  1. MyCryptoHeroes
Q2 2023 investment guide: Top 10 affordable NFTs under $1 - 3

Another intriguing NFT collection available under the dollar is MyCryptoHeroes which stands out as a fascinating and immersive gaming experience. With a floor price of $0.723469 and a market cap of $64,384, MyCryptoHeroes presents an affordable entry point for those interested in the intersection of gaming and digital art.

MyCryptoHeroes transports players into the depths of the Crypto World, where they assume the role of data miners. These miners must face various challenges, including battling enemies and restoring heroes to their finest form. Players can stay ahead of the competition by collecting and strengthening their heroes through battles and trades.

OpenSea is the go-to platform for buying, selling, or trading MyCryptoHeroes NFTs. This marketplace offers a secure transaction environment, enabling collectors to acquire these captivating digital assets efficiently.

The MyCryptoHeroes collection comprises 88,994 unique NFTs held by 6,554 distinct owners. This indicates a robust community of collectors and enthusiasts supporting the project, which is essential for its sustained growth and success.

In the past week, the trading volume for MyCryptoHeroes has reached $818, with 57 NFTs sold during this period. The average price for these transactions was $14, showcasing a consistent demand for these engaging gaming assets.

MyCryptoHeroes offers an exciting gaming experience and a dedicated community of collectors. Conducting thorough research and due diligence is essential before investing in any digital asset. However, the potential of MyCryptoHeroes in the NFT gaming space is worth exploring.

  1. DracoPix
Q2 2023 investment guide: Top 10 affordable NFTs under $1 - 4

DracoPix is an NFT collection that captures the imagination with pixelated dragon designs. These 998 unique NFTs feature diverse and captivating dragons with distinct characters and charm. With a floor price of $1.84 and a market cap of $1,840.95, DracoPix presents an affordable opportunity for collectors who appreciate pixel art and fantastical creatures.

The DracoPix collection consists of 999 pixelated dragons, each painstakingly crafted by the artist. These creatures are designed to ignite a sense of wonder and inspire collectors with their vibrant colors and intricate designs. Each dragon in the collection represents the artist’s vision, breathing life and fiery determination into the hearts of those who admire them.

Interested collectors can buy and sell DracoPix NFTs on OpenSea, a popular and secure marketplace for digital assets. This platform makes it easy for enthusiasts to explore the collection and find the perfect pixelated dragon to add to their digital art portfolios.

The DracoPix community comprises 725 unique holders, indicating a strong interest in the project and its artistic vision. As more collectors discover these dazzling dragons, the community is likely to grow and flourish, further enhancing the value and appeal of the collection.DracoPix offers an intriguing collection of pixelated dragon NFTs that merge the worlds of fantasy and digital art. 

  1. Woobirds
Q2 2023 investment guide: Top 10 affordable NFTs under $1 - 5

For those who appreciate distinctive and captivating art, Woobirds is a must-see NFT collection. With 9,983 NFTs minted and held by 4,946 unique owners, this collection has a floor price of $0.923928 and a market cap of $9,223.57. Woobirds is a creative take on the popular Moonbirds collection, transforming each Moonbird into a one-of-a-kind 3D design.

The Woobirds collection can be found on LooksRare and OpenSea, where interested collectors can buy and sell these unique NFTs. Over the past seven days, the trading volume for Woobirds has been $1, with only one NFT sold during this time. This low trading volume and the average price of $1 make Woobirds an affordable option for those looking to invest in NFTs with growth potential.

Woobirds’ appeal comes from the innovative 3D transformation of the original Moonbirds collection. Each Woobird is a digital representation of a Moonbird, brought to life in stunning detail through 3D design. These enchanting creatures captivate audiences with vivid colors, intricate patterns, and mesmerizing aesthetics.

For collectors seeking to diversify their NFT portfolios, Woobirds offers an affordable entry point into the world of unique 3D NFTs. With a relatively low trading volume and an attractive floor price, Woobirds presents an opportunity for collectors to own a piece of this fascinating digital art collection while supporting the talented artists behind these captivating designs.

  1. Pepe Dreams
Q2 2023 investment guide: Top 10 affordable NFTs under $1 - 6

Pepe Dreams is a captivating NFT collection that combines the legendary Pepe the Frog meme and cutting-edge AI-generated art. With 4,999 NFTs minted and held by 3,165 unique owners, Pepe Dreams has a floor price of $0.258736 and a market cap of $1,293.42, making it an affordable yet intriguing addition to any NFT collection.

This unique collection was created to commemorate the launch of Magic Eden on the Ethereum network and resulted from a collaboration between McPepe’s and Magic Eden. Each Pepe Dreams NFT is hand-selected and generated by AI, adding an air of mystery and enchantment to the pieces.

Pepe Dreams NFTs can be bought and sold on OpenSea and LooksRare, two popular NFT marketplaces. Collectors interested in owning a piece of internet history combined with AI-generated art will find this collection a perfect fit.

The charm of Pepe Dreams lies in its fusion of iconic internet memes and cutting-edge technology. The collection showcases an innovative approach to art creation and adds a magical touch to the beloved Pepe the Frog character. With a wide range of designs and vibrant colors, Pepe Dreams offers something for every taste and preference.

  1. Hype Section: Mystery Sneaker Box
Q2 2023 investment guide: Top 10 affordable NFTs under $1 - 7

Hype Section: Mystery Sneaker Box (MSB) is an innovative NFT collection that combines sneaker culture, streetwear, and cutting-edge technology. With a total of 9,987 unique NFTs, held by 2,939 distinct owners, this collection has a floor price of $0.184856 and a market cap of $1,846.16, making it an intriguing and accessible option for NFT enthusiasts and sneakerheads alike.

The mystery and excitement of unboxing a Hype Section: Mystery Sneaker Box NFT are undeniable. Each box contains a mix of surprises, ranging from coveted sneakers and sports cards to exclusive merchandise collaborations and NFT drops. As a collector, you’re always in for a thrill as you discover what lies inside.

The brains behind Hype Section are Carlos Gil and Reggie Williams, both accomplished entrepreneurs with extensive marketing, e-commerce, professional sports, and entertainment backgrounds. Their passion for sneakers, streetwear, and technology led them to create a Web3 brand that bridges the gap between the physical world and the Metaverse.

Hype Section: Mystery Sneaker Box NFTs can be bought and sold on LooksRare and OpenSea, two prominent NFT marketplaces. The collection’s unique selling point lies in its real-world utility and purpose, making it more than just digital collectibles.

By investing in a Hype Section: Mystery Sneaker Box NFT, collectors enjoy the excitement of unboxing exclusive and rare items and support a forward-thinking brand pushing the sneakerhead culture into the future. Fusing digital art, tangible assets, and immersive experiences creates a new era of flex for sneaker enthusiasts and NFT collectors.

  1. GoblinAi
Q2 2023 investment guide: Top 10 affordable NFTs under $1 - 8

GoblinAi (GOBAI) is a one-of-a-kind NFT collection that features 10,000 AI-generated goblin-themed art pieces, pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. With a floor price of $0.184681 and a market cap of $1,840.90, this collection has 9,968 unique NFTs held by 2,488 distinct owners.

What sets GoblinAi apart is its dedication to combining classical and contemporary artistic styles to create its goblin art. The collection captures the essence of various creative periods while integrating modern sensibilities, offering something for every collector’s taste. Each piece is a work of art in its own right, and as the creator acknowledges, some details may resonate more with certain collectors than others, ensuring a diverse and eclectic assortment.

But GoblinAi doesn’t stop there. The team behind this innovative NFT collection has even more in store for its community. V.2 Goblands, an exciting addition to the GoblinAi universe, is coming soon to all GoblinAi holders. Additionally, an allowlist opportunity is on the horizon for holders of this unique AI art project.

To buy or sell GoblinAi NFTs, you can visit OpenSea and LooksRare, two of the leading NFT marketplaces. With a trading volume of $92 and four NFTs sold in the last seven days, GoblinAi has an average price of $23, making it an accessible entry point for art enthusiasts and NFT collectors.

GoblinAi offers a fresh perspective on AI-generated art, presenting a unique and captivating NFT collection that combines the best of traditional and modern artistic styles. This groundbreaking fusion of art and technology creates a diverse and intriguing group that caters to various tastes and preferences.

  1. Smolmigos
Q2 2023 investment guide: Top 10 affordable NFTs under $1 - 9

Smolmigos (SMOL) is an enchanting NFT collection that introduces a world of 2,000 smol nakamigos living harmoniously in the blockchain. With a floor price of $0.184787 and a market cap of $496.71, this collection comprises 2,688 unique NFTs held by 695 distinct owners. Smolmigos distinguishes itself from other NFT projects’ minimalistic approach, focusing on smol vibes rather than complex roadmaps or intricate discord communities.

One of the most appealing aspects of Smolmigos is the simplicity and charm of the collection. Each smol nakamigo is a delightful character, full of personality and individuality. The colorful and captivating designs appeal to collectors who appreciate the whimsical, lighthearted nature of the project. Smolmigos offers a refreshing break from the sometimes overwhelming world of NFTs, providing a calm and enjoyable collecting experience.

To buy or sell Smolmigos NFTs, visit LooksRare and OpenSea, two popular NFT marketplaces. While the Smolmigos collection may not boast a hefty trading volume or an extensive roadmap, the charm and appeal of these adorable characters speak for themselves.

Smolmigos is a perfect fit for those who seek a fun and low-key collecting experience. The collection stands out with its minimalist approach, allowing collectors to focus on the joy of discovering and appreciating the unique personalities of each smol nakamigo. The absence of a discord community or a complex roadmap highlights the project’s commitment to simplicity and smol vibes, ensuring a laid-back and enjoyable experience for all collectors.

  1.  The Nakamotos
Q2 2023 investment guide: Top 10 affordable NFTs under $1 - 10

The Nakamotos (NAKA) is a highly exclusive NFT collection that captivates collectors with its limited availability and enigmatic aura. With a floor price of $0.087414 and a market cap of $0.699315, The Nakamotos collection comprises only 8 unique NFTs held by 6,960 discerning owners. This rarity and exclusivity make The Nakamotos a fascinating and potentially valuable addition to any NFT collection.

Although not much is known about the origin or purpose of The Nakamotos, the name itself evokes a sense of mystery and allure, reminiscent of the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. This connection to the enigmatic figure adds another layer of intrigue to the collection, enticing collectors to explore and uncover the secrets of these rare NFTs.

To buy or sell The Nakamotos NFTs, visit LooksRare and OpenSea, two leading NFT marketplaces. The trading volume in the last 7 days amounts to $253, with four NFTs sold and an average price of $63. The limited nature of The Nakamotos collection means that acquiring one of these NFTs is a rare opportunity and a testament to the discerning taste of its owners.

The Nakamotos NFT collection is ideal for collectors who appreciate the allure of exclusive and limited-edition assets. With only 8 unique NFTs, each piece in this collection holds significant value and intrigue. Moreover, the connection to the legendary figure of Satoshi Nakamoto adds a sense of mystique and curiosity to the collection.

Factors to consider when investing in these affordable NFTs

When exploring the world of affordable NFTs, evaluating your options before investing carefully is essential. Several factors come into play when considering which NFTs are worth your time and money. In this section, we’ll discuss four key factors to remember while navigating the NFT market: rarity and uniqueness, utility and use cases, community engagement, and potential for growth and development.

Rarity and uniqueness

One of the main draws of NFTs is the rarity and uniqueness associated with each digital asset. When investing in affordable NFTs, look for collections that offer limited editions or exclusive designs. The more scarce and distinctive an NFT is, the higher its potential value in the long run. Rarity can be determined by the total number of NFTs in a collection, unique attributes, or artist involvement.

Utility and use-cases

Another crucial factor to consider when investing in affordable NFTs is their utility and use cases. Some NFTs offer additional benefits beyond their artistic value, such as access to exclusive content, virtual events, or even real-world rewards. Assess the utility of an NFT and its potential to drive demand or maintain long-term interest in the digital asset.

Community engagement

A strong and active community can significantly impact the success and longevity of an NFT collection. When evaluating affordable NFTs, consider the level of community engagement, such as social media presence, the number of holders, and activity within dedicated online platforms (e.g., Discord or Telegram). Engaged communities often provide essential support, drive demand, and create a sense of belonging, which can contribute to an NFT’s long-term value.

Potential for growth and development

Lastly, consider the potential for growth and development when investing in affordable NFTs. Look for projects with a clear vision and roadmap, outlining their plans for future expansion, partnerships, or other exciting developments. Projects that continuously evolve and innovate are more likely to maintain interest and demand, leading to potential increases in value over time.

Risks and challenges of investing in NFTs

As with any investment, delving into the world of NFTs comes with risks and challenges. Knowing these potential pitfalls can help you make more informed decisions when considering NFT investments. Here are some of the most significant risks and challenges associated with investing in NFTs:

Market volatility: The NFT market is relatively new and highly volatile. Prices can fluctuate wildly, and the value of an NFT can soar or plummet within a short period. While this volatility can lead to potential gains, it also increases the risk of loss. It’s essential to understand that the NFT market’s unpredictability can make it difficult to determine the future value of an NFT investment.

Scams and fraud: As the NFT market has grown, so has the number of scams and fraudulent activities. Fake NFT collections, phishing attempts, and other malicious schemes are standard. When investing in NFTs, it’s crucial to verify the authenticity of the project and the legitimacy of the marketplace where the NFT is listed. Conduct thorough research and exercise caution to minimize the risk of falling victim to scams and fraud.

Environmental concerns: NFTs are built on blockchain technology, which relies on energy-intensive processes like proof-of-work for validation and consensus. This has raised concerns about the environmental impact of NFTs and their contribution to climate change. While some NFT projects and blockchain networks are transitioning to more sustainable methods, the environmental impact is still a concern for many potential investors.


Throughout this article, we’ve uncovered a selection of intriguing NFTs available for under $1, showcasing the diverse range of digital art and collectibles that can be found at an accessible price point. From the imaginative realms of Woobirds and Pepe Dreams to the delightful charm of Smolmigos and the enigmatic allure of The Nakamotos, these affordable NFTs provide a stunning array of artistic expression, potential use cases, and thriving communities.

However, entering the NFT market requires a keen awareness of the inherent risks and challenges associated with such investments, including market volatility, scams, and environmental concerns. It is essential to conduct thorough research on each NFT project, considering aspects like rarity, uniqueness, utility, and community engagement. By understanding the potential pitfalls and making well-informed decisions, you can increase your chances of success in the ever-changing world of NFTs.

To wrap up, the world of affordable NFTs offers many opportunities for newcomers and experienced collectors. By diligently researching and thoughtfully evaluating each project, you can confidently navigate the vibrant NFT market and uncover hidden treasures that align with your interests and investment strategies.