Navigating the NFT Twitterverse: Top NFT influencers to follow in 2023

Navigating the NFT Twitterverse: Top NFT influencers to follow in 2023

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the digital frontier’s newest wave, reshaping our interaction with the online realm. These tokens are unique digital assets; each carries an immutable record of ownership and authenticity. They’re transforming various sectors, from digital art to virtual real estate, and the discourse around these tokens is vibrant, with much of it happening on Twitter.

Whether you’re a rookie exploring the NFT market or a seasoned trader with a vast portfolio, keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in this rapidly evolving space is critical. With its quick updates and global user base, Twitter is an ideal platform for staying informed about the NFT market.

Many distinguished traders, advisors, collectors, and enthusiasts use Twitter to share their latest acquisitions, trading strategies, and market forecasts. Their tweets can provide insights into the complex decision-making involved in successful NFT trading as a valuable guide for your investment journey.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the most influential Twitter accounts in the NFT world. Following these key players will provide invaluable knowledge and insights, helping you navigate the intricate and ever-changing world of NFTs. So, get ready as we explore who these influencers are and why their voices are shaping the NFT community.

Understanding NFTs and their significance

Diving right in, let’s first simplify the concept of an NFT. In its essence, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique piece of data that is stored on a digital ledger, known as a blockchain. Unlike cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ethereum, which are fungible and can be exchanged on a like-for-like basis, NFTs are distinctive. Each token possesses unique information or attributes that make it irreplaceable and impossible to interchange. This unique attribute allows NFTs to authenticate original digital assets, ensuring their ownership and provenance.

Let’s look at the rise and influence of these unique digital assets. In the past couple of years, the world has witnessed a meteoric surge in the popularity of NFTs. They’ve permeated various domains, transforming how we perceive and interact with digital content.

In the art world, for instance, NFTs have created an unprecedented revolution, empowering artists by providing a platform to sell their digital art directly to the audience. This cuts out intermediaries, ensuring fair compensation for the creators. Famous digital artworks, such as Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days,” have sold for millions, underscoring the financial potential of NFTs in the art industry.

Similarly, the music industry is witnessing the dawn of ‘tokenized’ albums and songs, allowing artists to sell their work directly to fans. NFTs also make waves in the gaming industry, creating new opportunities for gamers to own in-game items, characters, and even virtual real estate.

The rise of NFTs is a testament to the expanding influence of blockchain technology in our digital lives. They represent a new frontier in the digital economy, opening up innovative ways for creators, consumers, and investors to interact in the virtual world. 

Role of Twitter in the global NFT community

As we look further into the digital world of NFTs, we discover a significant player who has evolved into a vital gathering place for NFT fans: Twitter. Twitter has established itself as a critical forum for the global NFT community and created a setting favorable for the exchange, exchange, and discussion of NFTs. What makes Twitter such an important medium for the NFT community, then? The platform’s user interaction features and design are critical to the solution. Twitter is the best platform for quick news transmission and trend-spotting due to its real-time updates and worldwide audience. It’s a fast-paced digital agora where the latest NFT drops, auction results, and market trends are shared and discussed in real-time.

Moreover, Twitter’s conversational nature fosters community among NFT enthusiasts. NFT creators, collectors, and investors actively engage in discussions, share insights, and even collaborate on new projects. This open dialogue promotes knowledge sharing and helps build trust, a crucial factor in the relatively new and volatile NFT market. In addition, Twitter Spaces, the platform’s live audio conversation feature, has become a popular tool for hosting NFT talks, webinars, and Q&A sessions. These Spaces often feature vital influencers and experts from the NFT world, providing followers with a wealth of information and insights into the NFT market. Twitter has become a dynamic marketplace, a thriving discussion forum, and an educational resource for the NFT community.

Power and Influence of NFT Twitter Influencers

In the colorful and complex tapestry of the NFT world, influencers have come to hold a significant role. These individuals are not just well-versed in the intricacies of NFTs but have also managed to build a substantial following due to their insights, opinions, and trendsetting capabilities. 

At the heart of it, influencers serve as trailblazers in the NFT community. They are often the first to spot a promising new artist, a potential trend, or a unique project worth investing in. This ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities makes them trendsetters, shaping the direction of the NFT market.

For instance, consider Pranksy, a Twitter influencer with over 400k followers. Not only has Pranksy’s endorsement of specific NFT projects sparked significant interest, but his collaborations and innovative projects like the NFT mystery boxes have also introduced new dynamics into the market.

But the power of influencers extends beyond their ability to shape trends. They also serve as educators and advocates, demystifying complex concepts, sharing insights into market dynamics, and promoting a better understanding of the NFT landscape. For instance, @punk6529, an anonymous Twitter influencer, focuses on education and art, helping newcomers navigate the often overwhelming world of NFTs.

Lastly, influencers are community builders. They foster community among their followers, facilitating discussions, encouraging collaborations, and creating shared learning and growth spaces. Dez Bryant, a former NFL player turned NFT influencer, is a prime example. His work with Personal Corner has helped athletes connect with fans using blockchain technology, creating a unique intersection of sports and NFTs.

Evaluating the Influence: Criteria for Ranking NFT Influencers

Developing the standards for assessing their influence and impact is crucial. This aids in creating an accurate and thorough ranking that reflects their open position within the NFT community. So let’s examine the criteria we used to rank these top NFT influencers in more detail: Follower Count: The number of followers an influencer has built up on Twitter is one of the most apparent influence measurements. A large following is often an indicator of their reach, ability to attract attention, and the size of the community they’ve built around their expertise. 

Engagement Rate: While the follower count is essential, the engagement rate accurately represents an influencer’s true impact. This metric encompasses the likes, retweets, and replies the influencer receives on their content, reflecting how their audience interacts with and values their insights. 

Influence in the NFT Community: The true impact of an influencer goes beyond just numbers. It’s also about their ability to shape the narrative, drive trends, and influence decisions within the NFT community. We assess this by examining their collaborations, projects, and role in promoting and supporting new and existing NFT initiatives. Expertise and Credibility: A crucial aspect of an influencer’s value is their expertise and credibility within the NFT space. This can be gauged by their knowledge, content depth, quality, and reputation among fellow NFT enthusiasts and experts. 

Niche Focus: Some influencers focus on specific niches within the NFT ecosystem, such as art, gaming, or sports. The extent to which they dominate their chosen niche and impact within that segment also contribute to their overall ranking. 

Now that we’ve outlined the critical factors in determining an influencer’s influence in the NFT world, let’s dive into our top NFT Twitter influencers, ranked based on these criteria.

Top NFT influencers on Twitter

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk – 3.1M followers

Gary Vaynerchuk, popularly known as Gary Vee, is a name that resonates with power and influence in the world of NFTs. With a staggering 3.1 million followers on Twitter, his influence is unmistakable. But Gary’s impact extends far beyond just his follower count.

An astute entrepreneur and marketing expert, Vaynerchuk ventured into non-fungible tokens with his unique NFT collection, VeeFriends. This venture amplified his wealth and fortified his standing in the NFT community. His VeeFriends collection, comprising 10,255 distinctive character NFTs, offers buyers a digital asset and real-world benefits, including VeeCon, his super-conference.

Vaynerchuk’s success is wider than NFTs. He’s also the brains behind VaynerMedia, a digital agency renowned for providing top-notch social media strategies to Fortune 500 companies. Recognized as one of Ad Age’s A-List agencies in 2015, VaynerMedia’s success is a testament to Gary’s business acumen and leadership.

However, what makes Gary Vee a truly notable NFT influencer is his commitment to educating his followers. He routinely provides valuable insights into the fundamentals of NFTs, guiding his audience in selecting profitable projects. This has earned his followers’ respect and made him a go-to source of information for creators venturing into NFTs.

In an innovative move, Vaynerchuk released his new book, “Twelve and a Half: Leveraging the Ingredients Necessary For Business Success,” as a free airdrop tied into his GaryVee NFT ecosystem. This strategic move seamlessly blended traditional book publishing with the emerging world of NFTs, further demonstrating his foresight and adaptability.

As an early investor in platforms like Twitter, Venmo, and Facebook, Vaynerchuk has proven his knack for identifying and capitalizing on digital trends. Today, his influence extends across the digital landscape, making him a titan in the NFT world and a must-follow for anyone interested in the space.

  1. Beeple – 750.5K followers

The NFT landscape is ripe with creativity and innovation; no one embodies this spirit like Beeple. With a Twitter following of over 750.5K, this digital artist has carved out a unique niche in the world of non-fungible tokens. His groundbreaking piece, “The First 5000 Days,” shattered records when it sold for a staggering $69.3 million, a testament to the power and potential of NFTs.

In terms of influence, Beeple is more than just a famous musician; he is a source of motivation for the NFT community. Followers can learn about his ongoing efforts, observations on the rapidly changing NFT industry, and even his criticisms of other pieces of digital art through his Twitter page. He is a critical player in this area due to his active involvement and interest in the subject.

Beeple’s influence extends beyond his original works. He consistently champions other NFT artists, offering encouragement and sharing their projects with his substantial following. This camaraderie and support fosters a dynamic and collaborative environment within the NFT community.

Yet, Beeple’s most significant contribution to the NFT market is his disruption of the traditional art world. In a single weekend, he sold millions of dollars worth of digital art, a feat that would be practically impossible in conventional art circles. Through NFT platforms like OpenSea, Beeple has democratized art, asserting that anyone with a creative vision can share and monetize their work. This revolutionary approach has galvanized aspiring artists and firmly established Beeple as a trailblazer in the NFT community.

For anyone interested in NFTs, Beeple’s Twitter account is a treasure trove of insights, artistic genius, and a raw look at the realities of the NFT market. His influence on this space is undeniable, making him an essential follow for any NFT enthusiast.

  1. Farokh

In the expansive universe of NFTs, Farokh Sarmad stands as a towering figure. With an impressive Twitter following exceeding 346,000, he’s crafted a dynamic community brimming with NFT aficionados, hosting engaging Twitter Spaces sessions with various creators.

Farokh’s collection of NFTs is as multifaceted as the NFT landscape itself. Showcasing a broad spectrum of digital assets from Cool Cats and Bored Apes to Crypto Punks, his diverse portfolio mirrors the vibrant, ever-evolving nature of the NFT marketplace. But Farokh’s accomplishments don’t stop at being an ardent collector. He’s also the driving force behind Goodlife Media, a name that resonates across diverse social media platforms. His mantra, “here to create, collect, learn, and vibe,” encapsulates his journey, striking a chord with his vast community.

Farokh’s ambition continues. He is at the forefront of constructing a decentralized web3 media company, blending conventional media with revolutionary blockchain technology. Despite his numerous projects, his virtual presence on Twitter is unwavering, averaging an impressive 75 posts daily.

His most noteworthy contribution is Rug Radio, a pioneering decentralized web3 media platform. Through this, Farokh isn’t just a participant in the NFT space; he’s actively molding its trajectory. Farokh’s ceaseless energy, diverse NFT collection influence, and innovative ventures have cemented his position in the NFT Twitter-sphere.

  1. DeeZe 🫡

An early adopter of Crypto Punks and a stalwart advocate for photography-related NFTs, Deeze has carved a niche in the NFT Twitter space. Though they may have just 248.7K followers, their influence is far-reaching, punctuated by their role as a community manager for Fractional Art. This innovative platform breathes life into shared ownership, enabling users to buy, sell, and mint fractions of NFTs.

Deeze’s engagement extends beyond their role at Fractional Art. They regularly host Twitter Spaces, fostering a vibrant platform for education, discussion, and exploration. These sessions often feature top-tier artists and photographers, providing followers a unique opportunity to interact and learn from industry trailblazers.

The NFT influencer is also the driving force behind NEONDAO. This project unlocks a new realm of possibilities in the metaverse. This platform allows users to create intricate avatars, from wizards and warriors to an array of other unique characters, reinforcing the limitless potential of the metaverse.

In addition to all these roles, Deeze co-hosts a podcast focusing on long-form content. Each episode unravels fascinating discussions with guests predominantly from the crypto art world. Far from scripted or agenda-driven, these chats capture the essence of the crypto world – spontaneous, intriguing, and full of ‘vibes.’

In the world of NFT influencers, Deeze’s diverse roles, commitment to education, and innovative projects make them a must-follow figure. Their work exemplifies the endless possibilities within the NFT space and the immense potential for the future.

  1. RealMissNFT

A leading voice for NFT artists and musicians, RealMissNFT is not just an influencer but a trailblazer with 167.1K followers on Twitter. Beyond her advocacy, she is also a distinguished columnist who keenly observes and reports the key trends and highlights within the NFT ecosystem. Her tweets often serve as beacons of inspiration for artists and a supportive network for smaller accounts, providing valuable insights and updates on promising, upcoming NFT collections.

As one of the rare female NFT influencers, RealMissNFT is also a crypto artist in her own right. She captivates her community with innovative and cutting-edge artwork converted into NFTs. The buzz around her ongoing project, Metanatics, is palpable. This unique platform empowers users to craft quirky avatars and carve their space in the metaverse, redefining their digital existence.

Her commitment to the community extends further as she collaborates with BhushanVishwas to showcase the journey and story of two emerging artists every week. She also promotes daily NFT giveaways through @NFTs4Free, providing opportunities for enthusiasts to kickstart their own NFT journey.

In the diverse and rapidly evolving world of NFTs, RealMissNFT’s work embodies support, creativity, and community. Her influence serves as a testament to the power of imagination and community in shaping the future of the NFT space.

Engaging with the Influencers: How to Interact and Learn from the Best

Engaging with the leading voices in the NFT realm can offer you an inside look at the dynamics of this fascinating market. The influencers we’ve covered in this write-up are a treasure trove of knowledge; you can learn plenty from them. But how do you best interact with these thought leaders and extract valuable insights? Here are some actionable steps you can take:

  1. Stay Active: Ensure you follow these top influencers and engage with their posts. This doesn’t mean bombarding their feed with likes or retweets but contributing constructively to the conversation. Ask insightful questions, share your thoughts, or add value with your comments.
  2. Attend Twitter Spaces: Many of these influencers host Twitter Spaces – live audio discussions on various aspects of NFTs. Participating in these can give you real-time insights into their thought processes and allow you to interact directly with them.
  3. Absorb Their Content: Influencers regularly produce valuable content – articles, videos, podcasts, and more. Consume this content diligently; it’s a rich source of information and can help you navigate the complexities of the NFT space.
  4. Get Involved in Discussions: Influencers often kick start discussions on diverse topics within the NFT ecosystem. Jump into these conversations. It’s a brilliant way to learn and could even lead to direct interactions with the influencer.
  5. Reach Out Personally: While it might seem intimidating, many influencers are open to direct interactions. Feel free to reach out if you have a specific query or proposal, but ensure you’re courteous, brief, and professional.
  6. Consider Collaborations: Consider suggesting collaboration if you’re an artist or developer with an innovative idea. Influencers often welcome new projects that add value to the NFT community.

Bear in mind building meaningful relationships with influencers takes time and effort. Be patient, persistent, and genuinely engaged. In the fast-moving NFT world, having these influencers in your corner can offer a significant advantage. Leverage their insights and guidance to make your imprint in the NFT landscape.


As explored in this article, Twitter has emerged as a critical platform for the global NFT community. It’s become a virtual hub for creators, collectors, and enthusiasts to connect, trade, and discuss the latest trends in the NFT world. Influencers are central to this thriving ecosystem – individuals who, through their insights, projects, and influence, help shape the direction of the NFT market.

From seasoned entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk to innovative artists like Beeple, these influencers are not just participants in the NFT space but pioneers, driving its growth and evolution. Whether by launching their own NFT projects or sharing their wisdom with their followers, they’ve turned Twitter into a must-visit destination for anyone involved or interested in NFTs.

In the future, the role of Twitter and influencers in the NFT community will grow even more significant. As the NFT market matures and diversifies, influencers will be crucial in guiding its development, highlighting promising projects, and helping their followers navigate this exciting but complex landscape.

And as the pace of change in the NFT world shows no signs of slowing, staying informed will be more critical than ever. Following the right influencers, tracking relevant hashtags, and actively engaging in the NFT Twitter community will be essential strategies for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve.