Key takeaways from the NFT Paris 2023: Top events and experiences

Key takeaways from the NFT Paris 2023: Top events and experiences

The NFT Paris event concluded on Feb. 25, marking a successful first anniversary with lots of support from the community and KOL. 

Bigger than last year’s NFT Paris event

The NFT event, first held in April 2022, generated great ideas. However, last week’s follow-up event generated much more attention from the general crypto and NFT community. For instance, reports indicate that only about 500 people attended and participated in these events last year. Considering the hype of NFT starting in 2021, having only 500 attendees was unsuccessful.

Based on the NFT Paris Twitter account, over 18 thousand people were in attendance this year. According to the Twitter thread, this year’s events had more energy, with top brands in gaming, digital fashion, and even governments getting involved in the two-day NFT-focused summit. 

Even more fascinating is the reaction from crypto community members on social networks. One Twitter user involved with the project RTFKT Benit0 RTFKT tweeted;

The fan was excited about the event and meeting new people and KOL in the crypto industry. Generally, the NFT community was pretty satisfied with the events this year.

Several other events were planned within the NFT Paris season to set the tone for the two-day event. Among the events to occur in the preceding days include the following; 

  • France fashion summit — The Paris edition of the France fashion summit occurred on Feb. 22. The event brought together players like Ledger, Red DAO, The Fabricant, Purple PR Fashion, and Hollywood Labs.
  • Ledger NFT Factory event — On Thursday 23rd, just a day before the official start of NFT Paris, Ledger held an NFT factory event, including an exhibition of different Art Blocks artist works. 
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Main partners of NFT Paris. Source: NFT Paris

The two are among the significant events that happened before NFT Paris’ beginning. Ledger was among the main partners of this event.

Day 1: Friday 24th events

Web3 soccer event

One of the most entertaining events associated with NFT Paris was the Web3 FC soccer event. The event occurred between 2 PM and 5 PM on the first day. 

According to reports, this fascinating affair targeted to demonstrate how web3 can help in the football world. It explored how web3 can contribute to creating communities with shared interests: web3 tech and football. 

Web3 FC event is a product of a partnership between Americana NFT, Web3 FC, Puma, and NFT Paris. Per the platform’s Twitter page, a couple of participants took part in the Web3 FC soccer event. Many of the participants praised the event in general.

AMAs hosted by Arianee Protocol

On the 24th, Arianee protocol held its first AMA, split into several sessions at different times. In the AMA sessions, the protocol interacted with a couple of guests who helped explore the web3 landscape. 

For instance, at 10:15 AM, Arianee’s CEO and Co-founder Pierre-Nicolas Hurstles gave a keynote speech for NFT Paris 2023. In the afternoon, there was a live AMA session with Diane Hecquet. Later, Arianee’s developing team hosted a discussion concerning the protocol. 

Ledger’s first security workshop

On Feb. 24, Ledger, a popular network for producing digital asset wallets, held a security workshop. The workshop session began at 10 AM with Mo El Sayed (Ledger) and Noé Caporal (Ledger) discussing how NFT investors can level up their security game. 

Ledger held another panel on security at 2 PM, discussing what digital asset users must do right for more investment security. The panelists included Charles Guillemet (CTO, Ledger), Josie Bellini, Jason Bailey, and Clarisse Hagege, with Raphaël Bloch as the moderator.

Launch of Final Frontier

Final Frontier, a child of a partnership between NFT studios and Tom Sachs, a famous sculptor, was launched on the 24th. The Final Frontier focuses on a metaverse type of galaxy. It has 1k 3D worlds and 10k space station apartments.

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Rocket Factory site by Tom Sachs

According to reports, the launch of Final Frontier relies on Tom Sachs’s other NFT projects, Rocket and Mars Rock NFT collections, and is powered by Monaverse. It contains some great world visuals and sculptures created by Sachs. 

Fireside chats

Between 3:55 PM and 4:15 PM, there was a fireside chat that involved two top speakers: Julian Holguin and Evan Keast, the executives at Doodles. 

Avatars and Self Expression

Another mini-event in the NFT Paris showdown was the round table discussion between Stan Georgiev (Ready Player One), Betty (Founder, DeadFellaz), and other speakers concerning creativity, authenticity, and inclusivity. 

The afterparty

The afterparty was conducted on the 24th evening and featured an exhibition from DeadFellaz and KnownOrgin. The exhibition included digital artwork from the duo. There was a Dj, drinks, and a chance to win an exclusive DeadFellaz and KnownOrigin t-shirt. 

Day 2: Saturday 25th Top Events

Daata x SuperRare Spaces

On this final day, Daataa held an exhibition event titled BlindSpot, pioneering their first-ever SuperRare Space. This exhibition brought together artists like Signe Pierce, Ripcache, and Jonathan Monaghan.

Contributors in this event explored how modern world surveillance could reform or disrupt boundaries set between the physical and digital worlds.

Ledger’s and Arianee’s final workshops 

Ledger network held another workshop on the second day. Chris Carlson of Ledger guided attendees into the Ledger Stax Workshop. Essentially, the theme of this latest workshop was Unlocking Creativity with Ledger Stax.  

Arianee Protocol continued with their AMA and deep dive sessions. Interestingly, the sessions included further explorations of the web3 industry. Moreover, there was a live demo of the Arianee protocol. 

Fireside chats 

On the final day, a 30-minute fireside chat with Yuga Labs leaders began at 11:25 AM. Among the participants in this chat include Greg Solano, popularly known for his role in the founding of Yuga Labs, the creators of the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, among others. This chat was a great way of bringing BAYC to Paris. 

Women of Web3 workshop

In the final hours of day 2, a workshop session titled “Women of Web3” was presented by World of Women, Eyes of Fashion, Makersplace, and the Fabricant. The entire intention of this session was to discuss and explore how women are and can get involved in the web3 landscape.

Final word

The second NFT-Paris event was a success compared to the first one held last year. It was full of discussions about the NFT space and security, etc.