LBank’s Presence at Indonesia’s Largest NFT Community

LBank’s Presence at Indonesia’s Largest NFT Community

LBank participated in the IDNFT Academy Minting NFT exhibition in Jakarta, one of the largest crypto exhibitions in Indonesia. The exhibition is presented as an important gathering place for blockchain projects to come together and exhibit various ranges of services provided. Several blockchain specialists were present.

LBank Presents its Platform to a Group of Experts

The event brought together quite a crowd. Developers, cryptocurrency traders, investors, influencers, key decision-makers, and fund managers flew from around the world to be present in Indonesia.

LBank, the iconic cryptocurrency exchange platform, took the opportunity to interact with fans and attendees. The team took the time to meet everyone and go over what LBank is and how to use the LBank app.

The following week, LBank Indonesia launched a campaign called Learn & Earn to educate LBank customers and the Indonesian community about cryptocurrencies and the various applications of blockchain technology. In addition to providing its users with access to education on cryptocurrencies, LBank Indonesia is making the initiative fun by organizing a week-long “Learn and Earn” quiz. 

The educational program has been created for novices and offers introductory training on the platform’s main features. It also offers some basic ideas on how crypto-currencies work and how to buy and trade them on LBank.

Participation in TradeExpo

Earlier, on the 18th of October, the exchange had visited TradeExpo. LBank organized interactive roundtables and informal discussions regarding recent developments in the cryptocurrency market. On this occasion, keynote speeches were given by leading blockchain experts. 

The trade show also included several events, such as welcome parties, educational lectures, etc. Overall, LBank managed to network well in this program, informing the participants informed about LBank and how to get started.

LBank Labs Aims to Create Funds for Regional Growth in Developing Countries

The African continent is one of the regions with great untapped potential for blockchain development. LBank Labs understands this and is now looking to the world with the arrival of a new member, Czhang. Indeed, Czhang is currently touring a number of countries in North Africa. As a representative of LBank Labs, he will also be meeting with several potential African partners throughout November. 

Czhang said that in terms of blockchain adoption, he believes the future is in Africa. Therefore, LBank Labs aims to strengthen regional communities and give local initiatives the boost they need to take off.

In addition, with community managers in Nigeria, Ghana, Tunisia, and other MENA countries, the firm has been promoting educational initiatives in the region for some time. For an LBank Labs representative, African nations are diverse. Thus, education is essential for the growth of blockchain on the continent and everywhere else. He says people will better understand why blockchain technology is a game-changing innovation if they are given the tools to do so. 

About LBank

LBank is a well-known cryptocurrency marketplace for buying, selling, receiving, and storing Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Established in 2015, it offers low transaction rates and a secure exchange platform to its more than 7 million members. More than 149 fiat currencies and over 800 trading pairs are supported on the site.

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