Lamborghini has delivered the very last Aventador Ultimate Coupe and 1:1 NFT

Lamborghini has delivered the very last Aventador Ultimate Coupe and 1:1 NFT

The luxurious car manufacturer Automobil Lamborghini is once again integrating NFTs into its business model with the release of an exclusive Aventador with its own NFT.

The Aventador Coupe and one-of-one NFT

According to a report on November 18, 2022, by people familiar with the matter, the Italian car company has delivered the last Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimate coupe to the auction-winning collector. In addition to the Lamborghini masterpiece, the winner also got an exclusive NFT created in collaboration with two formidable artists, Krista Kim and Steve Aoki.

The two items were put up for auction by Lamborghini in April 2022. Now, the winning collector will get the chance to meet Krista Kim personally and Steve Aoki virtually during the handover ceremony. The collector will also get the final Aventador Coupe and the world’s first 1:1 supercar NFT. which marks another important move into the digital era.

The Lamborghini’s first supercar one-of-one, NFT, will give the collector the brand’s iconic legacy and will give him access to VIP utilities. The NFT utilities will include exclusive virtual previews of future limited edition Lamborghini models, a private tour of Museo Lamborghini, plus other VIP benefits.

Not the First Rodeo

This is not the first NFT released by Lamborghini, yet it still marks a vital milestone for the company. The management at Lamborghini seems determined to move into the digital era, as it already had previously promised metaverse tours for all of its NFT Collectors.

The supercar company collaborated with NFT Pro and INVNT to create a new series of NFTs that aim to propel its iconic vehicles within the setting of legendary places on earth.

Lamborghini will be releasing a string of monthly collections of four pieces where each was only available to be purchased for 24 hours only after the unveiling. All collectors can get a super-exclusive NFT if they collect all monthly releases until the end of the NFT campaign that is set for March 2023.

Lamborghini’s Dream into the NFT Realm

Christian Mastro, Marketing Director at Lamborghini, said that the dream of the car company’s growth needs to integrate NFTs into its framework to create a new form of expression for the future. Mastro said:

“To step into the virtual world of modern collecting and NFTs is the continuation of the Automobili Lamborghini dream – an expression of the art and design that underline our authenticity. NFTs are the new exclusive, unconventional proposal. That is the instrument to create a new form of expression for new generations.”

The dream of innovations into the new world has been Mastro’s dream since he was young, and he used to collect stickers from soccer players. He revealed: “This is what the new generation is looking for. I remember when I was a kid I was collecting stickers of soccer players and cars. The new generation is collecting things on their phones. NFTs are as important as any other licensing business we have.”

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