Lacoste joins the metaverse with new NFT trademark

Lacoste joins the metaverse with new NFT trademark

On February 17th, reputable French fashion brand, Lacoste, submitted five trademark applications to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for “CHAMPS-ELYSEES” related to NFT and Metaverse services.

Lacoste virtual expansion

The applications serve as indications of the brand’s ambitions to provide virtual real estate services and downloadable virtual products, such as clothing, shoes, headwear, sports equipment, toys, and more, to its customers.

Lacoste plans to introduce animated designs and avatars to be utilized in the metaverse, along with exchange services for buying and selling NFTs that are registered on a blockchain network. Furthermore, a separate filing shows the company’s interest in delivering education, training, entertainment, and cultural and sporting activities in a virtual setting.

Lacoste aims to provide various products for use in the metaverse, such as non-downloadable phone covers, respiratory masks for non-medical purposes, jewelry, watches, accessories, leather goods, luggage, wallets, sports bags, backpacks, and more. According to the trademark applications, Lacoste is also gearing up to offer virtual real estate services.

Among the products and services Lacoste plans to offer, one filing lists:

“downloadable image files containing artwork authenticated by NFT, downloadable computer software for managing cryptocurrency transactions using blockchain technology, downloadable virtual reality game software, and downloadable electronic game software.”

Joining the NFT bandwagon

Given Lacoste’s emphasis on fashion and accessories, the company’s foray into the Metaverse is a logical step. By providing virtual goods and services, the brand can cater to a burgeoning market of consumers who are searching for digital substitutes for conventional products and services.

However, this is not Lacoste’s first venture into the web3 space, as the brand release an NFT collection (UNDW3: The Emerge) last year, which is available on OpenSea.

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