Krapopolis, the first NFT-backed TV series, is set to premiere on September 24th

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Krapopolis, the first NFT-backed TV series, is set to premiere on September 24th

Krapopolis, the NFT-backed TV series produced by FOX Entertainment, is set to premiere on September 24th on FOX.

FOX Entertainment bridges NFT culture to entertainment

Since television’s inception, the business has been constantly evolving in pursuit of new methods to that gauge viewers’ attention.

In the most recent move, Fox Entertainment is pioneering the integration of blockchain technology with mainstream media, an ambitious initiative driven by its in-house corporation, Blockchain Creative Labs (BCL). BCL was founded in the middle of the worldwide frenzy over Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in spring 2021 as a monument to Fox’s forward-thinking dedication to forging new, digital frontiers in entertainment.

Blockchain Creative Labs Home Page
Blockchain Creative Labs Home Page

Fox’s bold approach was not a game of chance. Instead, it was supported by a substantial $100 million investment from the parent firm, a clear indication of their faith in the convergence of television and blockchain technology. 

Despite the infamous volatility of the digital currency sector, FOX remained committed to the initiative. Regardless of the market’s uncertainty, they remained committed to BCL and the production of Krapopolis, displaying their commitment to exploring these fresh digital domains and having already announced that the show will be at least 3-seasons long.


Krapopolis, which distinguishes itself by weaving blockchain technology into its narrative structure, has an innovative feature that is a first for the television industry. Fans are not only viewers of this animated series but also participants in the story through the NFT Collection – Krap Chickens.

Krapopolis Krap Chickens‘ is a set of 10,420 NFTs represented on Ethereum Blockchain. Due to its background, the collection has already attracted many eyes in the NFT ecosystem, generating a trading volume of 512 ETH.

Meeting the fan’s expectations, it was announced on the show’s official pages that the premiere will take place on Sunday, 24th of September on FOX, right after the FOX NFL doubleheader (5 PM-6 PM PST) with a double-episode stream.

Possessing a Krap Chicken isn’t just a bragging right; it unlocks a bevy of exclusive perks that deepen viewer engagement with the show. Owners gain behind-the-scenes access with animated clips offering a peek into the series production process.

But the perks don’t stop there. Exclusive events beckon the Krap Chicken holders, inviting them into an exclusive intimate circle of involvement with the show. Their voice matters, with the ability to vote on the show’s direction, a rarely offered privilege in television.

Furthermore, Krap Chicken holders can leverage “eggs”, virtual goods generated by their NFTs, to purchase affiliated merchandise and digital content. The implications of these features extend beyond fan engagement – they reflect a potential paradigm shift in the television industry.

A new era for television

Krap Chicken ownership elevates viewers from passive spectators to active participants in the Krapopolis universe. An exclusive series of animated behind-the-scenes clips provide holders with a privileged peek into the show’s creative process.

More than just spectators, they’re invited to exclusive events and granted a unique ability to influence the series’ progression through voting. Even merchandising takes on a novel form, as holders can use “eggs” – digital assets produced by their NFTs – to purchase both physical merchandise and digital content. This unique blend of entertainment and blockchain technology makes every Krap Chicken holder a valued part of the Krapopolis ecosystem.

In its bold endeavor, Krapopolis represents a significant milestone in television history, fusing traditional entertainment with blockchain technology in an unprecedented fashion. As we count down to the September 24th premiere, all eyes are on how this groundbreaking approach will shape the landscape of interactive entertainment, setting a precedent for future TV productions. The dawn of a new era in television beckons.

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