Krakens opens its NFT Marketplace

Krakens opens its NFT Marketplace

Kraken has revealed to its users the opening of a marketplace to launch their NFT. The move will facilitate collectors exploring, discovering, and securely trading NFTs. In addition, it is set to boost the organization’s user reach.

An NFT Marketplace for collectors

Kraken, one of the world’s most reputable and most prominent digital asset platforms, has publicly announced the launch of Kraken NFT, the marketplace for collectors to find, browse, and safely exchange NFTs.

With the new addition, Kraken will be joining the top crypto exchanges, like Binance and Coinbase, which already have their own NFT marketplaces. Clients can receive two brand-new, outstanding services due to today’s earlier launch of Kraken Pro, illustrating Kraken’s dedication to speeding up the incorporation of cryptocurrencies.

In a blog post, the company said they had worked hard since November while opening an NFT private group during the beta testing stage. That is to facilitate incredible user experience, design, and better functionality. Additionally, the marketplace is secure and dynamic, allowing clients to trade with zero gas fees.

The organization entails that users can safely trade their verified collection on its elevated marketplace since it believes it can safeguard their funds. Privacy has been an essential objective that made them a trusted, secure digital exchange that has gathered interviews from vast organizations, including Forbes and CER. Clients are encouraged to stay put as their NFTs will be in a safe zone. Each collection on the exchange is considered vetted with the objective of filtering spam or fake collections.

Jesse Powell, the co-founder and CEO of Kraken, said that their mission has been to accelerate crypto adoption with a secure platform that protects the assets of the participants as well as offers a wide range of services and products. As per him, they are the first more extensive exchange to list ether and recognize the promise of the NFT space. He believes Kraken will be the perfect choice for creators from a distinct background exploring and interacting with the NFT ecosystem:

“As a secure gateway complete with curated collections and a host of unique features, Kraken NFT will be the destination of choice for collectors from all backgrounds to explore and interact with the NFT ecosystem.”

Available features

At launch, Kraken NFT will feature a curated offering of over 110 of the highest-trading-volume NFT collections in the market today. Supported collections pass a comprehensive vetting procedure, with new collections added regularly. Collectors can also access the NFT screener tool on Cryptowatch to track real-time NFT market data, average sale price, and in-depth statistics for hundreds of collections.

Kraken NFT will launch with a compiled proposition of over 110 of the market’s most significant NFT collections. Backed collections go through a rigorous vetting process, and unique readers are introduced on a consistent schedule. Holders can also use Cryptowatch’s NFT prescreening tool to monitor actual NFT market information, regular sale price, and detailed statistics for hundreds of catalogs.


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