Korean designer accuses Binance’s Bicasso of copying his product

Korean designer accuses Binance’s Bicasso of copying his product

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, recently launched Bicasso, an AI-powered platform for generating non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Less than a day after its launch, Korean designer Cho Young-hwi, known by his alias @heyproject7, accused Binance’s new AI-generated NFT tool, Bicasso, of copying chatcasso, his own AI-powered NFT generator. 

Bicasso and Chatcasso

Bicasso was designed to allow users to create unique NFTs by typing in a creative prompt or uploading an image.

The designer claimed that Bicasso was a direct copy of his Chatcasso tool, which had recently won first prize in the ‘Lifestyle in Web3 track’ section at the BNB Chain Hackathon.

Binance is a plagiarized design, says Korean designer

Chatcasso is an AI-powered NFT wizard that automatically creates a user’s NFT contract, image artwork, on-chain broadcasting, and a custom minting interface with just a few clicks. The Chatcasso team used OpenAI services to implement the platform, which provides products just by typing in a chat without any special coding skills.

The designer claims that Binance’s Bicasso platform is similar to his Chatcasso platform, where users can enter the image they want as text, and the AI will draw a picture that matches the entered text. Users can then mint NFTs automatically within the platform.

Over 10,000 NFT mints in just a few hours

Following the launch of Bicasso, nearly 3,300 users have minted at least one Bicasso NFT, with the initial free mint capped at 10,000 NFTs. However, the allegations made by Chatcasso’s founder have sparked controversy in the crypto community, with many calling for Binance to address the issue.

So far, neither Binance nor its CEO, CZ, has responded to the allegations made by Chatcasso’s founder. The designer’s claims have left many questioning whether Binance’s new platform was indeed a copy of Chatcasso or if it was just a coincidence.

Binance’s move to launch an AI-powered NFT generator comes amid increasing interest in the intersection between AI and crypto. Incorporating AI capabilities into NFTs is seen as a new technical horizon that encompasses many more capabilities beyond just image creation. Despite the controversy surrounding the launch of Bicasso, Binance has continued to make progress in the NFT space, with many users already using the platform to create their own NFTs. 

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