Korean artist G-Dragon to launch new NFT collection

Korean artist G-Dragon to launch new NFT collection

Korean artist G-Dragon is launching an NFT collection named Archive of PEACEMINUSONE soon. 

Kwon Ji-Yong to release NFT collection

As the NFT space continues to bloom after last year’s problems, more people are launching projects and collections. One such person is Kwon Ji-Yong, a Korean pop singer who reportedly has hundreds of millions of fans all across the globe. 

Kwon Ji-Yong will launch an NFT collection titled “Archive of PEACEMINUSONE.” Reports indicate that this NFT series will be launched on the popular marketplace Opensea. 

Moreover, reports indicate that ARCHIVE 2016 is a painting by G-Dragon, the stage name for (Kwon Ji-Yong). This painting is a representation of the identity of PEACEMINUSONE (PMO), which is the brand created by Kwon Ji-Yong. 

The painting incorporates key details of the rapper’s life and personal growth. G-Dragon considers this painting as a source of inspiration. The details of the painting, including the design, indicate the inspiration.

Further details indicate that phase one of the NFT series will go for a sales price of 0.27 BNB, about $88, based on the prevailing prices. The collection brings with it 13,444 NFTs. 

The sale will open on March 22 at exactly 4:00 AM GMT+3. However, at this time, only allow listed investors can purchase the NFT. Later, at exactly 6:00 AM GMT+3, the NFT will be open for anyone in public to purchase. The price for both whitelisted and public is 0.27 BNB.

According to reports, the G-Dragon fandom enthusiastically received the NFT collection news. Reports suggest that many fans are lining up to buy these assets. 

BNB Chain and Fandom Studio partnership

A few weeks ago, on Feb. 17, BNB Chain announced a partnership with Fandom Studio for the PEACEMINUSONE NFT collection Archive 2016. BNB chain would host the NFT collection, while OpenSea would be the market. 

The NFTs would come on three tiers: The birth tier for $88 each, ARCHIVE LVL1 with a starting price of $288, and ARCHIVE LVL2 for $488.

The new NFT collection by G-Dragon is courtesy of the partnership between him, BNB Chain, and Fandom Studio. 

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