Konami dives into NFT Gaming with “Project Zircon”

Konami dives into NFT Gaming with “Project Zircon”

Konami Digital Entertainment, the Japanese multinational company responsible for popular franchises such as Metal Gear and Castlevania, has recently revealed its entry into the web3 realm with a game named Project Zircon. The new venture aims to offer players a unique co-creation experience, leveraging the power of the decentralized web.

Konami’s blockchain gaming project

Konami filed a trademark for Project Zircon back in March after hiring blockchain experts in late 2022. The new talent was brought in to create a platform where gamers could exchange their in-game NFTs (non-fungible tokens), leveraging the power and transparency of blockchain technology.

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Source: prtimes.jp

It seems that their plan is finally coming to fruition with Project Zircon. According to a statement from the Japanese gaming giant:

“PROJECT ZIRCON represents our debut into the world of web3, designed to harness blockchain technology for a novel customer engagement,”

Project Zircon’s reveal at the Tokyo Game Show

Dedicated social media accounts on Discord and Twitter (X) were unveiled alongside the announcement. Pre-registrations were also made available.

Details are still scarce about Project Zircon, although we know that Zircon is the name of a jewel in the Castlevania series. A comprehensive reveal is slated for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2023, set for September 21.

With NFT trading at its core, “Project Zircon” promises a fusion of classic gaming and cutting-edge blockchain tech. Konami envisions a future where rich content can be enjoyed across numerous devices and playstyles:

“Our commitment is unwavering – integrating the latest in web3 to deliver diverse and delightful experiences to our customers,”

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