Kiraverse Game Developer Launches a new Collection on GameStop NFT Marketplace

Kiraverse Game Developer Launches a new Collection on GameStop NFT Marketplace

Kiraverse has recently announced the launch of the Kira Genesis NFT collection on the GameStop NFT Marketplace. According to the announcement made via a tweet, the game developer stated that Kira Genesis tokens are now available for purchase.

Kira Genesis is Out

Kiraverse, an online multiplayer game developer, has launched a new NFT collection on the GameStop NFT marketplace. The collection, dubbed “Kira Genesis”, is now available for purchase.

The most expensive Kiraverse NFT is Kiraverse #334. The token goes for 56,602.97 ETH, approximately 70 million dollars per the current ETH price. The cheapest NFT on the collection, however, is being sold at 0.09669 ETH, roughly $120. 

In total, the collection has 9,900 tokens minted on GameStop. However, not all tokens are available for purchase. Some Kira Genesis tokens, especially those minted recently, are pegged not for sale on the billing amount. A good example is KIRAVERSE #2678. 

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Recent breakthroughs and releases have demonstrated this advancement across many blockchains. Many NFT offering venues have recently partnered with significant corporations to provide their gamers with NFT income and Web3 gaming functionalities.

About Kiraverse

KIRAVERSE is a virtual multiplayer game developed in Unreal Engine 5, allowing gamers worldwide to participate, battle, and win to acquire or lease avatars, costumes, weaponry, and more.

KIRAVERSE has also released two game modes: ‘Battle Royale and ‘Elimination,’ as well as three competitive expansions. In free-to-play mode, players can earn non-fungible tokens to spend on the in-game marketplace to buy skins, weapons, and other digital goods to improve their gameplay. The Kira Genesis will be more useful in the latter mode, Elimination. Gamers can also win top cryptos such as ETH and USDT by using the platforms’ compete and earn extensions.

NFTs in the Sports World

Sorare is also bringing attention to the play-to-earn gaming world. The platform recently partnered with the eight-times crowned world best player, Lionel Messi. The football star, Lionel Messi, joined Sorare as a stakeholder and brand ambassador. 

According to the most recent reports, Sorare revealed that the Argentine striker for the French club Paris Saint-Germain would help the brand set new standards for fan contact with clubs and athletes. Furthermore, they will work together to create new content and fan experiences. Lionel Messi has millions of followers on all social platforms, allying with a strategic partnership deal to lure fans into the world of NFTs and blockchain gaming.

Manchester United, an iconic football club in the English Premier League, also revealed plans to enter the virtual arena by introducing a virtual gift pack for its fans in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens. The gift pack is part of the club’s ongoing endeavor to educate, unite, and reward its global fans through digital and tangible events. Tezos, one of the world’s most groundbreaking and sophisticated blockchain networks, is at the basis of Manchester United’s fascinating digital project. Play-to-earn gaming is becoming increasingly popular in the digital space.

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