King Charles’ NFTs register over 20,000 Mints: A milestone for artist Trevor Jones

King Charles’ NFTs register over 20,000 Mints: A milestone for artist Trevor Jones

The NFT artist Trevor Jones has recently hit a remarkable accomplishment in the NFT arena with his latest work, the King Charles’ NFT. The piece titled “The Oath” was available for free minting on Nifty Gateway until Sunday, attracting an astonishing 20,000 collectors. The artwork is a tribute to King Charles’ coronation, which occurred on May 6th and was crafted by Jones, a Scottish-Canadian artist.

Royal NFTs

“The Oath” NFT boasts the iconic St. Edward’s crown, which is the most significant emblem of the Crown Jewels. The artwork is made of gold and decorated with 444 precious and semi-precious stones, making it an exceptionally valuable digital masterpiece. In addition, “The Oath” NFT holders will have an opportunity to participate in a raffle scheduled for May 14th, where they could win one of the 444 limited editions of “The Crown” NFT.

Those who were unable to participate in the free mint of “The Oath” can still partake in the raffle for “The Crown,” available to all NFT holders.

Moreover, NFT holders of “The Oath” are eligible to win up to three physical prints of the artwork, measuring 60 x 60 cm, and personally signed by Trevor Jones. These prints are a distinctive and valuable addition to any art collection, providing a tangible expression of the digital artwork.

Getting to know the artist behind the collection

For more than ten years, Trevor Jones has gained recognition as a digital artist who seamlessly blends art and technology. Though he specializes in traditional oil paintings on large canvases, he has ventured into new digital realms to create modern abstract and realist pieces centering on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. With his outstanding talent, Jones has emerged as one of the most thrilling artists in the NFT sphere, breaking sales records with his artwork.

Jones gained widespread recognition for his dynamic and innovative art style, which fuses traditional techniques with modern technology to produce exceptional and groundbreaking artworks. In February 2021, his “Bitcoin Angel” masterpiece shattered records for the priciest open-edition NFT artwork, generating a remarkable £3.2 million in sales in just seven minutes.

King Charles’ NFT triumph is another monumental achievement for Jones, adding another feather to his cap. The raffle for “The Crown” is expected to ignite more enthusiasm among collectors, as the limited-edition NFT flaunts the magnificent crown jewels, including the orb and scepter, creating an impressive digital artwork.

As the world of NFTs expands and changes, it will be fascinating to observe how artists like Trevor Jones stretch the limits of what digital art can achieve. With his creative and dynamic style, Jones has already established himself as one of the most compelling figures in the NFT space.

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