K-pop girl group TripleS dances to songs voted by fans using NFT-inspired governance

K-pop girl group TripleS dances to songs voted by fans using NFT-inspired governance

The Korean pop band uses polygon NFTs called “objekts” to gather voting tokens and lets fans choose which song titles appear on their most recent album.

K-pop utilizes blockchain to curate creative choices for eager fans

K-pop girl trio TripleS has used a non-fungible token (NFT) governance mechanism to publish its most recent album, utilizing the Polygon blockchain to curate some of its creative choices from eager fans.

According to a statement on Tuesday, fans participated in a voting process known as “Gravity” each album features a rotating roster of female artists. To choose the title tune for the group’s eight-track album “ASSEMBLE.” 

Fans participated in the selection of the album’s title song by voting on Modhaus’ “COSMO: the Origin” mobile app using COMO {voting tokens}, a unique currency acquired through acquiring “Objekts.”

Fans might vote on the group’s official “Cosmo: the Origin” app during the event using COMO, a form of currency acquired through exclusive NFT photo cards called “objeckts.”

Then, those are kept on Ramper, a Web3 non-custodial wallet powered by Polygon Labs, Hashed, and Near Protocol that doesn’t require downloads, browser extensions, or seed words.

Two songs were up for daily fan voting on COMO

By using Modhaus, a Web3 project that intends to promote Korean pop culture through blockchain technology, users were encouraged to vote for their favorite song from December 1–8, 2022. The winning song, “Beam,” was chosen as the album’s lead song {the “ASSEMBLE”}. Throughout the voting procedure, 57,340 COMO are thought to have been used.

Unlike DAOs, which vote on-chain, COMO votes are gathered and discreetly cast off-chain via the app and later recorded after voting.

Fans not only get to choose which songs are included, but they also get to participate in a “Dimension,” a season-long group sub-unit that meets around every three months.

Twenty-four members rotate as part of A Dimension, creating a group inside a group that typically has five to ten members.

Jaden Jeong, the chief executive officer of Modhaus, stated: “I’m confident in the album ASSEMBLE, especially since the fans entirely chose its title tune. There has never before been a situation where the listeners chose the album’s lead song. The success of tripleS and ASSEMBLE will demonstrate the viability of a fan-centered entertainment model.”

tripleS made history by becoming the first decentralized K-pop group in the world

To become the first decentralized K-pop group, tripleS want to make history. The fans will choose the sub-units and content using NFTs picture cards called “Objekts,” and the members will alternate between participating in group, sub-unit, and solo activities.

The company can better connect artists and fans by putting customers at the center of the Modhaus experience. Modhaus wants to involve fans in every phase of production using governance systems that NFT powers.

The 24-member K-pop girl group tripleS’ debut album “ASSEMBLE” was published on February 13 and has since garnered a lot of attention due to the way the group employed blockchain technology to give fans control over various aspects of the creative process.

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